This is how The Sirencons and Starscream's plan goes in The Rise of Excelerator.

[At the Harbinger, the Sirencons bring Arcee to Starscream]

Harmo: We got her, Lord Starscream, just as you asked.

Starscream: Great job, Sirencons. Now put her in her dungeon!

Demo: So... What are we gonna do now, Lord Starscream?

Starscream: We... wait for them.

Demo: What?! You expect us to just sit here and do nothing?!

Starscream: [chuckles] Don't you see, dear Demo? The plan is that we captured Arcee, turn her into our servant and use her against the Autobots.

Demo: So, we're gonna use a song and turn Arcee evil while we're waiting?

Starscream: Exactly.

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