This is how The Sirencons get the Magic of Friendship from the Mane Six goes in The Endgame.

[The Sirencons get ready to drain the Mane Six of the Magic of Friendship as the Mane Six are sitting in a six-seated chair unconscious as they're still facing upward]

Harmo: Oh, how we've waited for this moment.

Sympho: Their magic will bring our powers to the next level.

Demo: Soon we'll be even more powerful then the Trix.

Sympho: You got that right.

Harmo: Let's do it. Ready, boys?

Sympho: Ready.

Demo: Ready.

[They begin to harmonize]

[The Magic of Friendship comes out of the Mane Six's chests and into the Sirencons' cores]

Sympho: At long last, the Mane Six no longer possess the Magic of Friendship.

[Their powers increase]

[The Magic of Friendship is drained to the last drop as the Mane Six's unconscious bodies collaspe to the floor]

Harmo: Well done, boys.

Sympho: Alright.

Demo: Let's go give Starscream the good news.

[They head off to do so]

[They find him on the roof]

Harmo: Lord Starscream.

Sympho: We got the Magic of Friendship like you asked.

Demo: The job has been done.

Starscream: Excellent work, you three. I am certain the Autobots will be here soon to rescue their pony allies.

[The Autobots soon arrive on cue]

Optimus Prime: Starscream, where are the Equines?

Starscream: They're here, Prime. Just waiting for their humble friends to rescue them.

[The Autobots head inside and find the Mane Six unconscious on the floor]

Optimus Prime: Twilight! Girls!

[They run over]

Optimus Prime: Twilight.

[She wakes up]

Twilight Sparkle: [groans] Optimus, they took the Magic of Friendship.

Optimus Prime: We know.

[He helps her up]

Starscream: Wait, you're still bonded. But how?

Optimus Prime: Even though the Magic of Friendship has been lost, our friendship is what remains.

[Optimus seems to glow as he turns]

Starscream: How is this possible?

[The other Autobots glow as well]

Starscream: Not possible.

[They shoot a rainbow at him]

Starscream: NOOOOOOOOO!

[He is blasted to parts unknown]

[The Sirencons are too hit and blasted to parts unknown too]

[The Autobots stop glowing]

Optimus Prime: The Magic of Friendship.

Twilight Sparkle: It's returned.

[The Magic of Friendship returns to the ponies]

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks.

Optimus Prime: No problem.

[They return to the Autobot base]

[Princess Celestia arrives]

Princess Celestia: I do not know how I will be able to thank you all.

Optimus Prime: The only way you can thank us is with guidance to how we master our Sirenix.

Princess Celestia: Very well.

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