This is how The Sirencons hypnotize the Mane Six goes in The Endgame.

[The Mane Six gallop on and split up]

[The Sirencons watch]

Harmo: So, remember what Starscream said?

Sympho: Yeah.

Demo: Got it memorized.

Harmo: I hypnotize Twilight then Rainbow Dash, Sympho Rarity and Applejack, and Demo, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

Sympho: Got it.

Demo: Right.

Harmo: Good.

Sympho: Then what are we waiting for?

Demo: Let's go.

[They split up]

[Harmo follows Twilight]

[Twilight walks down a path and hears singing]

Twilight Sparkle: What's that noise?

[She follows the singing to find Harmo on a rock singing]

Harmo: [vocalizing]

[Twilight becomes hypnotized by his singing and her eyes turn a pale green]

Twilight Sparkle: Must... obey... Harmo....

Harmo: It worked.

[He leads her away]

[Sympho follows Rarity]

[Rarity is walking when she hears singing]

Rarity: What a lovely sound.

[She follows it to Sympho]

Sympho: [vocalizing]

[Rarity becomes hypnotized and her eyes glow pale green]

Rarity: Thank you for the song.

Sympho: No problem.

[He leads her off]

[Demo follows Fluttershy]

[Fluttershy is walking when she hears singing]

Fluttershy: Whoa.

[She finds Demo]

Demo: [vocalizing]

[Fluttershy becomes hypnotized and her eyes turn pale green]

Fluttershy: Lovely.

Demo: Thanks.

[She follows him]

[Harmo follows Rainbow Dash followed by Twilight]

[Rainbow Dash is flying when she hears singing]

Rainbow Dash: What's that sound?

[She follows it to Harmo and Twilight]

Harmo: [vocalizing]

[Rainbow Dash becomes hypnotized and her eyes turn green]

Rainbow Dash: Awesome.

Harmo: I know.

[She follows him and Twilight]

[Sympho follows Applejack followed by Rarity]

[Applejack is trotting when she hears singing]

Applejack: What in tarnation?

[She finds Sympho and Rarity]

Sympho: [vocalizing]

[Applejack becomes hypnotized and her eyes glow green]

Applejack: Cool.

Sympho: This singing thing really works.

[She follows him and Rarity]

[Demo follows Pinkie Pie followed by Fluttershy]

[Pinkie Pie is trotting when she hears singing]

Pinkie Pie: Wow.

[She finds Demo and Fluttershy]

Demo: [vocalizing]

[Pinkie Pie becomes hypnotized and her eyes glow green]

Pinkie Pie: Sweet.

Demo: Heh.

[He leads her and Fluttershy down the path to join his brothers]

[The Sirencons rejoin]

[Harmo chuckles]

Harmo: I told you spilting up and picking them off one by one with our music would work.

Sympho: You got that right.

Demo: Let's go get the job done like Starscream said.

[They head off to do so]

The Sirencons: [vocalizing]

Twilight Sparkle: So beautiful.

Rainbow Dash: Awesome.

Rarity: Amazing.

Applejack: Sweet.

Fluttershy: Cool.

Pinkie Pie: Spectacular.

[They are led to a storage chamber]

Harmo: Wait here, girls.

Sympho: We'll be with you in a minute.

Demo: We just need to talk to Starscream.

[They exit the room]

[They find Starscream]

Harmo: Lord Starscream.

Sympho: We got them.

Demo: What now?

Starscream: Absorb their so-called Magic of Friendship.

Harmo: Right.

Sympho: Got it.

Demo: Okay.

[They leave]

[Starscream smiles]

[The Sirencons return to the Mane Six]

Harmo: We're back, ladies.

Sympho: And in time too.

Demo: We can't wait forever.

[They stand ready]

[Starscream watches]

[The Sirencons laugh]

Harmo: Finally.

Sympho: The Magic of Friendship.

Demo: Will be ours.

[They continue laughing]

[Starscream laughs too]

[The Mane Six fall unconscious]

Harmo: Nice.

Sympho: Whoa.

Demo: No way.

[They smirk]


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