Here's how the Sith's plan goes in The Beginning of the Chronicles.

Narrator: Meanwhile, back in space on Malgus' ship. Malgus is speaking to his master Vindican on a hologram.

Vindican [on hologram]: What is it, Malgus?

Malgus: Master. We have created the Sith equine to destroy the Jedi, but it turns out to be a foal instead of a full grown mare.

Vindican [on hologram]: Are you certain?

Malgus: Yes, and she has escaped into one of the escape pods. And has crash landed on "Earth".

Vindican [on hologram]: This is a opertunity we cannot allow for the Sith. Dispatch a droid squad to bring her back, and train her to do your bidding!

Malgus: Yes, master.

Vindican [on hologram]: And this is the first time you proven me clumsy, my apprentice! [force chokes him]

Malgus: [choking]

Vindican [on hologram]: You know the consequences if you fail! [cuts hologram as Malgus is release.]

Maglus: [catching his breath]

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