Here is how Yuna work her magic to restore the Skylanders' power in Princess Yuna of Skylands.

Armor Bride: No, Yuna! Don't do it!

Thunder Spectrum: Forget about us!

Bowser: Silence! What is your answer, Princess Yuna?

Princess Yuna: All right, The Amulet is yours, Kaos.

Kaos: (has the Lightcore Amulet) Yes! At last! The Amulet is Mine! Mine! (evil laugh)

The Skylands, Yuna's friends and Pythor are released.

Pythor P. Chumsworth: Thank you, Princess Yuna. And forgive me what I've done.

Princess Yuna: It's not your fault. It was Kaos and Bowser's doing.

Tigatron: Yuna, What have you done?!

Airazor: Now Kaos will rule Skylands with the Amulet!

Princess Yuna: Not quite, Airazor.

Tigatron: What? What do you mean?

Princess Yuna: I still absorb every last Lightcore Power to restore All of the Skylanders.

Spyro: Yuna, That's really clever! Are you sure this will work?

Princess Yuna: It's the only chance for us to win, Spyro. (use her magic with Lightcore)

The Skylanders had their powers restored.

Oh: Well done, Yuna!

Holley Shiftwell: Bravo!

The foals getting ready for the last battle.

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