This is where the Spinosarus attacks our heroes in the boat and where our heroes kill the beast in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle visit Jurrassic Park III.

Paul Kirby: Turn off the power. you've got juice for maybe one call. Whatever ryou do,don't call the U.S. Embassy. They won't do a darn thing.

ERIC: Hey, guys, come here! Look at this!

[We see some fish swimming above the water's surface]

Alan: Bonitos.

Eric: Something must have spooked them!

Sweetie Belle: You think it's a crocodile?

Mucker: I don't think so. I don't think any crocodiles are on this island, it's probably, something bigger.

Alan: Get the engine going, Mr. Kirby.

Paul: Open the throttle! [he prepare to turn the engine going]

Alan: [Dials the phone] Pick up.

[Telephone ringing, and Charlie heads to it]

Charlie: Hello?

Alan: Ellie?

Charlie: Hello?

Alan: Charlie! Charlie!

Charlie:: Hello?

Alan: Charlie, take the phone to Mommy now! Take the phone to Mommy! It's the dinosaur man!

Charlie: Okay. [he goes to find Ellie]

Alan: Listen to me, Charlie. Charlie!

[Out of the water, we see a familiar spine...]

Alan: Are you taking the phone to Mom? Charlie!

[Then the boat gets hit, Alan drops the phone, and out of the water comes.... THE SPINOSAURUS!!!]

Spinosaurs: ROAR!!!!!

Pinkie: Spino's back!

Percy: Quick, into the roll cage!

[They all get inside the cage]

[We cut back to Charlie who notices Barney on TV, and he goes to it and starts dancing along, while the Spinosaurs is shaking the boat back and forth. Then Charlie goes to find Ellie, and then fuel from the tank starts leaking into the water as the Spinosaurus grabs on the cage and begins dragging it]

ELLIE: Who's on the phone?

CHARLIE: The dinosaur man.

ELLIE: He is? Alan?

ALAN: Look in the boxes! Find a weapon!

Spinosaurus: ROAR!!!

[Cuts back to Ellie, who begins dialing. And they find a flare gun]

Shai-Shay: A flare gun? We're not sinking! We're being attacked!

[Telephone ringing]

Alan: Where's the phone?

Paul: There!

Alan: Get the phone!

[The phone slides away, but slides back when the boat gets dragged into the water]

Alan: Ellie, listen to me!

Ellie: Are you on a cell phone? I can't hear you.

Alan: The river! Site B! (on the phone) The river! [he goes into the water]

Ellie: Hello?


[Charlie growling, as Ellie goes to get help]

["Last Battle!!" begins playing]

[every strangles to get free from the cage as the Spinosaurus turns the cage around and around and soon Paul and Mako get free as they swim away]

Spinosaurus: ROAR!!!!!

[the cage pops out from the water as Amanda sticks out to take a breath and then Paul and Mako pop out from the water]

[but then they see the Spinosaurus beginning to attack the team as Paul swims towards a crane while Mako swims for the Spinosaurus]

[As the Spinosaurus scratches Amanda, Paul climbs up the crane arm]

Amanda: AAAH! AH!!!

Paul: Hey! Hey!!

[the Spinosaurus then turns to get Paul as the team climb out of the tank.]

Mako: [springs up from the water] RAH!!!!! [he then grabs into the Spinosaurus and starts biting it]

Spinosaurus: ROAR!!!!!

[the team then jump into the water as Alan goes to get the flare gun]

[the Spinosaurs then starts hitting the crane arm as Paul then dangles from the end of it, and then Alan finds the flare gun]

[the team swim back to the shore as they watch the Spino trying to get Paul as Mako fights it some more.]

Alan: [pops out from the water and starts to load the flare gun]

Spinosaurus: ROAR!!!

Steamy: [remembers something] Quick, look inside my tender toolbox! Sh' think ther' may be a bundle of dynamite in it!

Applejack: Ah'm on it! [opens the toolbox and searches for it]

Mako: You're not eating any of us today! [starts biting the Spinosaurus on its left arm]

Spinosaurus: ROAR!!!!

Alan: [fires a flare which hits the Spinosaurus]

Spinosaurus: ROAR!!!!

[then another flare comes flying in and it then sets the fuel on the water on fire, as the Spinosaurus roars again and Alan swims away]

Eric: Dad! Dad!

Applejack: Find it!

Steamy: Light it! Hurry!

[twilight then uses a spark from her horn to light the fuse]

[then the Spino hits the crane arm again, making Paul fall into the water.

Amanda: Paul!

[then Mako gives a few bites and tears off its left arm!]

Spinosaurus: [roars in pain]

Steamy: Hey, Mak!

Twilight: Catch!

[throws the bundle of dynamite at Mako]

[Mako then catches it and then climbs up to the Spino's head]

Mako: You hungry, ugly? [makes the Spino open its mouth] (as Hicks) EAT THIS!!! [throws the bundle of dynamite into the Spino's mouth as he forces its mouth shut making it sallow it]

Thomas; Mak, get off of there!

[Mako then jumps off the spino and into the water as the Spino roars again and then...]


[the Spinosaurus explodes in a fiery explosion as it causes the water to spring up in a huge splash and as the fireball and water clear, the spinoaurus is now in a million pieces]

Eric: Dad!

Amanda: Paul, your a jerk!

[But unknow to them Paul comes out of the water]

Amanda: You can't leave me like that!

Paul: I'm not going anywhere.

[Amanda looks and see Paul alive and well]

Eric: Dad!

[He and Amanda hug Paul in relief]

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