This is how the scene for the Spinosuarus encounter goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle visit Jurassic Park III.

Mr. Kirby: What was that?

Billy: It's a Tyrannosaurus.


Alan: I don't think so...It sounds bigger.

Applejack: And it's comin' right this way!

Udusky: We have to leave! We have to leave now!

Billy: What about the other guy?

Udusky: Cooper's a professonal, he can handle himself...(ROAR) (Gunshots) Everyone on the plane hurry!

[they start up the plane and it starts to taxi down the runway]

Nash: Give me a hand, Udusky.

[the plane continues down the runway[

Cooper: [runs out from the forest and then onto the runway] HEY!

Rainbow Dash: Look there!

Coper: STOP!

Mr. Kirby: What are you doing?

Percy: What is that?

Alan: That's Cooper!

Steamy: What the heck is he doin'?!

Cooper: Stop.

Nash: Come on, get out of the way..(plane continues down the runway) .You know I can't stop this plane!

(Spinosaurus appears and eats Cooper)

Thomas: Gasp

Percy: Gasp

Peter Sam: Gasp

Hiro: Gasp

Mane 6: Gasp

Luke: Oh my!

Spike: AAH!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders: Gasp

Rheneas: LOOK OUT!

Nash: Oh, my God! (pulls up but the plane then it starts giong down)

Udesky: Fuel cut off!

Nash: We're going down!

(the plane crashes into the trees)


Mr. Kirby: You okay?

Udesky: We're okay up here. Everyone just stay put. Mayday.

Nash: Who has the satalite phone?

Mr. Kirby: I do. I got it right here.

Udesky: I'm not getting anything. The radio's gone.

Alan: [opens the door, and looks down. Closes door] We haven't landed yet.

[We view the plane stuck in the trees]

Woman on phone: All circuits are busy.

Nash: Dammit! Oh, man.

[Then something hits the plane]

Fluttershy: [yelps] What was that?

[A mysterious object is seen in the windshield]

Mrs. Kirby: AAAAAAH!!!!

Mr. Kirby: What? What is it?

[Then the plane moves]

Udesky: What is it?!

Nash: I don't know! Hang on everyone! [puts the phone in his pocket]

[They walk to the back of the plane, then the Spinosaurs rips off the nose of the plane, and goes in head-first]

Spinosaurus: ROAR! [grabs Nash's leg]

Nash: AAAAAHHHHH!!! Help me! Help me! [it pulls Nash out while he screams, then it drops him] Guys! Uh, ah!

[The Spinosaurs steps on Nash and eats him alive!]

Spinosarus: ROAR!!!!!!

[Everyone backs to the end but the whole fuseluge falls]


[It lands to the ground]

[We view of the Spino's foot]

Pinkie: It's coming back!

Willy: Hold on tight!

[The plans spins but stops]

Mrs. Kirby: AAAH!! [runs out of the plane]

Alan: Mrs. Kriby, come back! [runs after her and grabs her]

Shining Armor: We have to stay together!

Mr. Kirby: Amanda!

Spinosaurus: ROAR!

[Alan and Mrs. Kirby run for the plane and head back in]

Spinosaurus: [steps on the plane]

[glass shatters]

[Then Spino puts his nose in]

Alan: Follow me! This way!

[Spino chased the group till the forest is too thick for it]


Alan: I think we lost him.

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