This is the scene where the Spinosaurus comes back and attacks the Weekenders Team in Weekenders visits Jurassic Park III.

Paul Kirby: Turn off the power. You've got juice for maybe one call. Whateveryou do, don't call the U.S. Embassy. They won't do a damn thing.

Eric: Hey, guys, come here! Look at this!

Alan Grant: Bonitos.

Eric: Something must have spooked them!

Alan Grant: Get the engine going, Mr. Kirby.

Paul Kirby: Open the throttle!

Max Taylor: Looks like we're going to summon our Dinosaurs!

(The D-Team & A-Team turns their Dinosaurs into cards)

D-Team: Dino Slash!

Alpha Gang: Alpha Slash!

(Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny & Tank transforms to their full size Dinosaurs and they all roar at the Spinosaurus)

D-Team's & A-Team's Dinosaurs: ROOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!!!


(Eric and the other are trapped in a cage when the Spinosaurus is looking for them, but Paul manages to get out and the Spinosaurus lets out a roar)

Dr. Z: Now we just need someone to do the louring.

(Everyone starts to look at him)

Dr. Z: Uh? What? What are you looking at?


Dr. Z: This is muntany! So evil turned good scientist are exempt from louring responsibilities. It's a lack of-

Human Rainbow Dash: If you want to survive, you must lour the Spinosaurus away from the cage, so we can save our friends.

Dr. Z: But why do you think that I'm the piece of cake!?!

Human Rainbow Dash: Stop whining and get out there!

(She pushes Dr. Z into the Spinosaurus, and it looks at him)

Dr. Z: DAH! Don't eat me! Don't eat me! I'll only upset your stomach! I only won't, plus I just had hot peppers for lunch! DAHOHOHO!

Rod: Now's our chance to help the others before they drown.

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