At the Youth Center, Tommy , Orbit, Bakumaru, Pochiro, Drago, Gaou helps Kimberly & Souffle work on her float design for the upcoming parade. Bulk and Skull come to make trouble, but Bulk is allergic to Kim's flowers. Rita & Nyanma sends Putties to attack Tommy, Orbit Bakumaru, Pochiro, Drago, Gaou Kimberly & Souffle, and ultimately destroy the model. Kim & Soufle is distraught over the damage. The design is due later that day.

Finster creates Spit Flower & Rouran Brings The Time Shifter Leafy for Rita & Nyanma. Its flowers will drain people of their energy & Leafy Con Uses Is Fire Pollen To Vampirize Them.

Tommy & Orbit takes the remains of the float design and leaves. Meanwhile, Our Heroes & the others are summoned to the Command Center. Zordon & Aura informs Our Heroes & the five about Spit Flower & Leafy. Our Heroes & The Rangers confront the monster & The Shifter, but it covers them all in ferocious flowers that weaken them. Rita's wand & Nyanma's Magic turns Spit & Leafy Con Fire into giants.

Tommy & Orbit decides to rebuild Kimberly's design. He's sent to help Pooh And The Others & the Rangers and knocks Spit Flower & Leafy Con down with a blast from his Dragon Dagger. Dragonzord Battle Mode spars with Spit Flower & Leafy Con, but the beasts are too strong. Our Heroes & The Rangers are brought back to the Command Center. Zordon & Aura says that destroying the monster's mist sack will weaken it. Green Ranger & Orbit are told to stay behind in case the other five fail.

Elsewhere, Bulk and Skull are attacked by some of the biting flowers (comic moment).

Pink Ranger hits Spit Flower's sack with an arrow from her Power Bow. With The Extra Help Of Mosbee Master, Dipper-Master & Elekin Master Together Our Heroes &, the Rangers win by using the Power Blaster & Bakumaru And Cream Using The Revealing Mirror To Revert The Effects On Leafy.

Alpha helps Tommy & Orbit finish fixing the float design. At the Youth Center, the gang watches the parade on television. Kimberly sees her float and thanks Tommy & Orbit. Bulk and Skull appear covered in bandages, but Zack & Tart scares them off with a bouquet of flowers.


Our Story Begins On Angel Grove's Youth Center

Ernie: Hi Guys

Ernie: Im Going Out For A While

Ernie: You Get Some Supplies

Erine: While You Work On The Carriage A While

Souffle: Thanks Ernie

Ernie: Hey No Problem Souffle

Ernie: Good Luck

Kimberly: I Can Believe It The Float That We Design Is Going To The Big Parade

Tommy: Deserves Me It's Awesome

Kimberly: Thanks Guys

Kimberly: I Believe That Promotes The World Peace

Pochiro: I Don't Have To Interrupt Guys Dorkheads At 12: At Clock

Bulk & Skull Appears

Bulk: So What Do We Have Here

Skull: Yeah What We Have Here

Bakumaru: What Are You Idiots Are Here

Bulk: Look Its A Cute Little Model Float

Skull: Yeah A Cute Little Model Float

Drago: Hey Back Off You

Bulk: Nice Flo

Bulk: Nice Flo

Skull: Flowers

Bulk Starts To Sneeze Over Skull

Kimberly: Oh Gross!

Bulk: My Allergies

Bulk Begins To Sneeze

Gaou: Next Time Get Yourselves A Hobby

Bulk & Skull Exits

And Eveyone Laughs

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: Just We Have In Mind To Make A Flower Float To That Parade

Baboo: They Making About Flowers


Jyuken: What Did I Tell You About Flowers

Jyuken Slaps Squatt's Face

Rita: They Will Not Have World Peace

Nyanma: No If We Still Around

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's Youth Center

Cream: Hey Those Are Beautiful Flowers

Kimberly: You What The Best Part Is

Tommy: What

Kimberly: They Are Gonna Recycle All The Flowers From The Parade This Year

Gaou: Really How They Do That

Kimberly: Oh Its Simple They Collect Them And Make Them Into Poupurri

Bakumaru: Hmm.. We Didn't Know Do You Monk?

Monk: Me Neither

Bakumaru: Oh Well Things Cannot Make Worse

The Putty Patrollers Appears

Drago: That Answer Your Question Bakumaru

Bakumaru: Putties!

The Putties Begins To Destroy The Model

As They Begin To Fight The Putties

The Other Rangers Appears

Dave Felis: Oh No Putties

The Putties Dissappears

Tart: Don't You Ever Come Back Clay Faces

Pooh: Guys Look At Kim

Kimberly Cries

Kimberly: Look At My Model

Pakaracchi: Why The Youth Has To Be So Cruel!

Monk: Pakaracchi This Is Not The Moment To Be Sarcastic This Is Serious

Pakaracchi: Sorry I'm Always The Same

Zack: Man Really Demolished It

Kimberly: Now This Model Can't Size Of A Float Now It Will Enter To The Parade

Tart: Oh Kim Cheer You Up They Are Another Parades You Can Design Floats

Kimberly: If Rita & Nyanma Pull It Riding Too

Billy: Well Perhaps We Can Reconstructed

Dave Felis: Will Take Us A Lot's Of Work

Nyorori: Yeah And That Will Be Exactly Like The Same Nyorori

Kimberly: We

Tommy: We Can Help You The Build A New One

Tart: Yeah

Kimberly: There's Is No Way To Get More Flowers In Time The Models Are Today

Kimberly Exits Of The Youth Center

Bakumaru Growls With Fury And Punches The Wall Without Breaking

Bakumaru: Blasted Rocks!

Cream & Souffle Sees Bakumaru With Anger And Expierience Them Their Feelings

Bakumaru: Those Dispacbles of Rita Repulsa & Nyanma Are Going To Make My Blood Boiled Over

Souffle: But Bakumaru

Cream: You Almost Helped Her You Must Give Her Another Chance

Bakumaru: Girls Leave Me Alone Now!

Souffle: Bakumaru

Jason: Bakumaru's Right Souffle This Rita & Nyanma Are A Real Witches

Dave Felis: A Pair Of Witches With A Black Heart They Make Terrified Of Their Own Shadows!

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Gen'En: Poor Kimberly We Make Her Cry

Gen'En Laughs

Rita: But We Need A Special Monster & A Time Shifter Any Suggestions

Rouran: Oh Our Queens You Have So Many Monsters & Shifters To Choose

Rita: Gentlemen Start Thinking About Flowers We Need A Monster & Shifter To Turn Blossoms Into Ferocius Creatures

Finster: We Have A Great Special Monster And It's Name Is Flora Expectarosa

Rouran: But You Can Call Him The Spit Flower

Rouran: He Starts To Gobble The Blossoms In Time And Turn It Into Ferocius And Diabolical Fang Flowers That Will Drain Energy

Finster: And So With The Help Of The Time Shifter Leafy He Will Vampirize Them With His Vampire Pollen

Rita: We Want Now So Prepare Them Now

Rouran: Well One Spit Flower & Leafy Con Coming Right Up

Finster & Rouran Activates The Monstermatic And The Spit Flower & Leafy Arrives To Earth

Leafy (Imitates Ricky Ricardo): Lucy Im Home

Leafy Laughs

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's Youth Center

Trini: Hey I Got An Idea Why Won't Bring Her To Lunch That Cheer Her Up

Gaou: Good Idea

Billy: Those Are All The Pieces What We're Looking

Zack: Man What A Bummer

Jason: Yeah We Didn't Know Kimberly Has A Sensitive Heart To Make Float For The Parade

Bakumaru: I Wish To Make Something We Can Do

Tommy: I Got An Idea

Tommy: We Deal With Her Later I Gotta Go

Tommy: You Will Be Okay

Kimberly: Yeah I'l Be Fine

Tommy: The Guys Want To Take You To Lunch But I Gotta Go To Take Care Of Something

Tommy: Can I Take This Thing To Your House

Kimberly: No Just Tossed It

Tommy: All Right I'l Catch Up You Later

Kimberly: Bye

Tommy Exits Of The Youth Center

Jason: We'l Show Rita & Nyanma Is Not Too Easy With The Power Rangers And The ETO Rangers.

Bakumaru: Yeah You Got That Right

The Communicator & The ETO Badge Sounds

Jason: Yeah Princess Aura

Aura: Power Rangers, Everyone We Need You At The Command Center Immediatly

Bakumaru: We're On Our Way

Jason: Kimberly Zordon & Aura Needs Us In The Command Center

Jason: Prepare To Teleport

They Begin To Teleport To The Command Center

Zordon: Rita & Nyanma Wants To Destroy The Flower Float World Feast Parade

Souffle: That's Means They Destroy All The Floats

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye

Aura: They Have Unleashed A New Monster And Time Shifter On Angel Grove Behold The Viewing Globe

(They Noticed On The Viewing Globe)

Zordon: They Called It The Spit Flower & The Time Shifter Leafy And They Has The Ability To Transform Every Flower in Angel Grove Into A Ferocious Blossom

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye Those Are Dangerous Daisies

Dave Felis: Really That Is One Time Shifter With An Evil Sense Of Humor

Kimberly: With Those Two Nothing Is Going To Be Safe

Bakumaru: So Leafy

Drago: So In The Dr Goodman's Research Files Leafy Con Has The Ability To Control The Vines And With His Vampire Pollen They Turn Humans Into Their Vampire Servants And He's Extremley Dangerous

Aura: And They Are On Earth Will Be Doubt Yet Ago The Spit Flower Body Is Like Armor With A Few Weak Spots You Must Avoid His Fangs & Claws

Zack: Man It's One Ferocious Bug & And A Real Nasty Flower Dragon

Zordon: We Have Located The Spit Flower & Leafy Near The Park Bridge

Bakumaru: READY!


The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus


Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers.

Leafy: Allow Me To Welcome The Rangers Into Their Death Empress Rita

Rita: Well Don't You Stand Around And Begin To Shapeshift Yourself

Leafy: Leafy Shapeshift To LEAFY-CON

Leafy-Con Appears

Dave Felis: Look At The Size Of That Thing

Bakumaru: DRAGO!

Drago: I Handle Leafy-Con You Guys Better Stop The Spit Flower

Dave Felis: Right

Monk: Good Luck Drago

Drago Activates The Dragon Sphere By Saying The Numbers From 1 To 3 In Mandarin Language

Drago: 1-2-3

And Drago Becomes A Real Dragon

Jason: Now It's Really A Dragon Fight

The Spit Flower Starts To Fly The Biting Flowers

And The Biting Flowers Begins To Attack The Rangers

Bakumaru: These Are Beginning To Diging In

And Bakumaru's Arm Is Bleeding

Billy: They Drainin My Energy

The Final Battle Scene

Jason: Go Get Them Kim

Kimberly Uses His Power Bow The Shoot On The Spit Flower

Kimberly: Okay Bakumaru Time For Big Help

Bakumaru: You Got It

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Mosbee, Dipper, Elekin

The Eggs Of Mosbee, Dipper & Elekin Appears

Elekin: Call Me Nutty It's My Imagination Or I See A Dragon With Three Heads Instead of Hands & Arms

Bakumaru: You Guys Better Hurry And Shapeshift

Mosbee: Okay Bakumaru, Ready Elekin

Elekin: I'm With You Partner

Dipper: I'm Always With You Brother

Mosbee: Mosbee Shapeshift To MOSBEE-MASTER


Elekin: Elekin Shapeshift To ELEKIN-MASTER

Leafy-Con: Well Now That's Is Completley Fair

Jason: Looks Fair To Me

Kimberly: Now It's Time For That Flower & Leafy Con For Having A Good Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Elekin M: Time For Make Charge

Elekin Shoot His Electric Attack

Mosbee M: Mosbee Master FREEZE BLAST!

Mosbee Master Uses His Freeze Blast Attack To Freeze Leafy Con's Body

Dipper M: Dipper Master FIRE BLAST!

Dipper Master Uses is Fire Blast Attack To Dry The Spit Flower

Jason: Now Let's Bring Them Together


They Begin To Form The Power Blaster

Zack: Power Axe

Kimberly: Power Bow

Trini: Power Daggers

Billy: Power Lance

Jason: Power Sword


They Shoot On The Spit Flower

The Spit Flower Explodes

Bakumaru: Now My Turn

Bakumaru Almost Have His Arm Bleeding

Bakumaru: My Arm Still Bleeding

Cream: Let Me Help You

They Hold Together The Revealing Mirror

Bakumaru & Cream: JYAREI REVEAL!

The Revealing Mirror Shoots His Laser On Leafy's Head And Nyanma's Head Stamp Is Erased And Leafy Its Back To Normal

Leafy: I'm Leafy Again Thank You For Saving Me Rangers

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