This is how the Star Destroy Fleet comes in Return of Darth Sidious.

["Stuingtion Productions" proudly presents: STAR WARS]

["Return of Darth Sidious"]

[For years, the equines of Equestria and the Vikings of Berk have formed an alliance of the dragons, and have used them in many battles]

[Such as going against The Changling Queen, battling the Sith Lord: Ernie. Fighting enemy dragons. And many more.]

[But now, the riders will face a new challenge, which will test their strength and friendship. we start with a fleet of Star destroyers....]

[it then pans down to a fleet of Star Destroyers as the "Empire theme" plays]

[in the bridge]

Darth Vader: What is thy bidding, my master?

Darth Sidious: I have a plan to take over Equestria and the Isle of Berk. It is at the Earth system.

Darth Vader: My master, how do you wish to do that? Princess Yuna is growing strong with the Force as well as Chief Hiccup. It will be a challenge to try and pull it off.

Darth Sidious: Patience my friend. We will drive off the vikings, and I have a special plan for the Mane 6, the royalty, the godmothers, and the little girl that talks to dinosaurs and who is a beginning Jedi.

Darth Vader: What is that?

Darth Sidious: I plan to turn them to the dark side with a special format.

Darth Vader: What do you have in mind, my master?

Darth Sidious: You will see, my apprentice.

Darth Vader: Admiral, set course to the Earth system!

Admiral: Yes, my lord!

[the ship takes off for Earth]

[the camera then pans to Earth and then starts zooming in]

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