Here's how the story of Equinelantis goes in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[After the Stuingtion logo is introduced, the films begins as a title comes up and says: "Years ago, when Equestria was smaller there was a great city called, "Equinelantis." Kingdom of Emperor Lunarlight, and birthplace of King Solar Flare]

King Solar Flare: Beautiful, isn't it father?

Emperor Lunarlight: Yes, my son.

King Solar Flare: [sighs]

Emperor Lunarlight: What's wrong?

King Solar Flare: If only Queen Starshine was here.

Emperor Lunarlight: Starshine, was a beautiful mare, my son. But she's in a better place now.

King Solar Flare: Yes, at least I still have my 2 daughters.

Emperor Lunarlight: Indeed. How are they doing right now?

King Solar Flare: They are doing just fine.

[The girls are sneaking up quietly to the adults]

Princess Celestia: Alright, I'll say when.

Princess Luna: No! You said, I could do it.

Princess Celestia: Okay, okay.

Princess Luna: But.... You can be my extra.

Princess Celestia: Sounds good.

King Solar Flare: I wonder what those 2 are up to now?

Emperor Lunarlight: You never know, son.

[The fillies tackle their father]

Princess Celestia: We got you!

King Solar Flare: You certainly did! [he lifts them off his back and hugs them] I love you 2, you know that?

Princess Luna: Indeed we do father.

Months later

Guard: Your higness! It's ergent!

[The Emperor comes out]

Unicorn staillion: Your highness, I hate to interrup you, but we have a problem!

King Solar Flare: [comes out] Father, what's going on?

Emperor Lunarlight: Something.

Uniron stallion: The Draconequuses are causing their troubles again in the feilds!

Emperor Lunarlight: [growls] Those morons just won't leave my kindon alone! Guards! Soliders! Get all of your men ready, if we can't reason with those draconequuses. Then it's war!

The Draconequuses king: War?!

Draconequus soldier: Yes, sir. The Emperor has declared war.

The Draconequuses king: Then it's war they'll get!

Draconequus soldier: But there is one setback.

[he takes the king to a group of draconequuses who are arguing]

Draconequus soldier #2: Ah your majesty. These guys beleive we should stop causing chaos amonst the equines, they don't want to go to war.

Draconequus: Indeed.

[At Equinelantis]

Emperor Lunarlight: It has announced, that we'll have war!

Equines: [shouting]

Emperor Lunarlight: Good! We shall go to war pretty soon!

[everyone agrees and leaves the castle grounds, then King Solar Flare walks up]

King Solar Flare: Father.

Emeperor Lunarlight: Yes son?

King Sloar Flare: I'm afraid to say this, but I'm gonna have to send my childern to a safer passage.

Emperor Lunarlight: What? But son, their our family!

King Solar Flare: I know, but I can't risk those beasts hurting them in anyway. It's the only way.

Emperor Lunarlight: You're right. Do as you wish.

[The Draconsequss walk up]

King Draconsequss: Alright, my friends. We will show those equines what happens when you mess with a draconsequus!

Emperor Lunarlight: Hurry, son! They're coming!

King Solar Flare: Don't fret father, I get the escape boat ready! Where are my daughters?

Princess Celestia: You're it. [she tags Luna and runs off]

Princess Luna: I'm gonna get you! [runs after her]

King Solar Flare: Cellie! Luny! I need you 2 girls here please!

Princess Luna: Okay, Father!

[the 2 head to where their father is]

Princess Celestia: We're in trouble.

[they come up to King Solar Flare]

King Solar Flare: Girls. There's a war coming, I have to take you somewhere safe. But I'm not gonna be able to stay with you.

Princess Celestia: WHAT?!

Princess Luna: But, father!

King Solar Flare: The guards are gonna look after you.

Princess Celestia: [weeping slightly] Do.... do.. we have t-to go, Father?

King Solar Flare: Yes. But here, take this. [gives them crowns] As long as you 2 were these crowns there's hope. I will see you 2 again. [kisses them both on the cheek] I promise.

Princess Celestia: Okay.

King Solar Flare: [to the guards] Keep them safe.

Guard: Yes sir.

[They got in a escapde pod and they fly away]

King Draconsequus: Attack the equines! 

[The Draconsequuses attack]

[Equines attack the Draconsequuses]

[sometime later]

[we veiw a the whole army of draconsequuses all dead and in ruins]

Emperor Lunarlight: It's over.

[Years later, and large bolt of lightning hit the ocean and made a tsunami wave]

Pegasus: You fool! You destroyed us all!

Pegasus #2: The wave is gaining! We have to warn Equinelantis!

Pegasus #3: Too late! AAAAAHHHH!!!

[several pegasi all fly into the city and the look-out staillion sees the wave]

Look-out stallion: Everyone! To the shelters!

[2 guards ring the bell as several of the citizens race for cover]

Royal Guard: This way your higness!

Empress Moonbeam: We're coming sir!

King Solar Flare: Mother, we have to hurry!

Empress Moonbeam: Son, calm down!

[then the city's saccride diamond shines a light on the empress]

Emperor Lunarlight: Son! Close your eyes, and look away!

[the Empress is then bonded to the diamond and a huge sheild surrounds the city. The whole city then sinks down as thw wave hits]

[40 years later]

Equine pirate captain: We've past the final marking lads. Now, to the portal, and Equinelantis.

Equine pirate #1: But Captain, have you forgotten that the portal is guarded by a sea monster that...

Pirate equine captain: ENOUGH! I'd slay many monsters for this book. Just like I'll slay you.

Equine pirate: #1: Yes, sir. I'm sorry, I was mistaken!

Equine pirate captain: Coward! SAIL ON!

[Lightning crackles]

Equine pirate #2: The storm is blowing harder, captain!

Equine pirate captain: Row you dogs! Put your backs into it!

[Then something roars]

Equine pirate #3: What was that?

Equine pirate #4: It's a sea monster!

Equine pirate captain: It can't be! Hold steady men!

[We then see a robotic tentacle sticking out and going back in the water]

Equine pirate #2: Is that a whale?

Equine pirate #6: Whale's having nothing like that!

Equine pirate #3: Where'd it go?!

Equine pirate #1: Can you see it?

Equine pirate #5: There's nothing there. [then a robotic tentacle grabs his neck and pulls him into the sea] GRAH!!

[Tentacles come out]

Equine Pirate #2: Ambush!

Equine Pirate #6: Behind you!

Equine Piarte #1: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Equine pirate captain: [draws his sword] Do your worst! [a robotic tentacle grabs him and pulls him into the sea] BAAAAHH!!!!!

[Then a bolt of lightning comes out and blows up the ship!]

[Then the film says "Paramount pictures and Dreamworks pictures presents:"  it shows a set of words in Equinelantian then it's translates into "Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom" then the title fades away and goes to black]