Here’s how the story of Lyoko goes in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

Jeremy: Aelita, I don’t know how to tell you this, but believe it or not…we’re waiting for you here!

Aelita: Really?!

The others: Really!!!

Jeremy: And I can tell you it was really complicated! Defragmenting the intertial matrix wasn’t enough, and so I had to start to recompile all the DNA correlations and-

Odd: Time out, Einstein!

Odd: Because it’s time to take the big jump! And then it’s bye-bye XANA!

Jeremy: We’ll be five for dinner tonight!

[a moment later]

Yolanda: You’ll have to wait a week before putting that foot on the ground!

Jeremy: A week?!

Yolanda: And if you complain, I won’t give you crutches to get around with!

Jeremy: Can I go to the bathroom?

Yolanda: Sorry, the doctor insists you stay off your feet. I’ll go and get you a basin.

Jeremy: Stop! In front of you!

Jim: Ha-ha, yeah! I was right! I was right! Eh? I was right, I was right!

Jim: And she’s on this place called uh, Loko?

Jeremy: No, it’s Lyoko.

Ulrich (to a Megatank): Hey, you piece of junk! Nobody messes with my friends! Triangulate!

Jim: Go on Ulrich, get ‘em! Show this XANA thing who’s the boss!

Yumi: Jim?

Jeremy: Yeah, Jim! Don’t worry, he’s one of the gang now!

Jeremy: Ok, well, ready to take the big jump?

Aelita: Ready.

Jeremy: Then here we go… “Code Earth”!


She’s here at last! (to Aelita) Welcome to Earth!


Jeremy: XANA! You gave us a lot of grief, but thanks to you we met Aelita…so goodbye and good riddance! [Jeremie turn XANA off and Aelita passes out]

Yuma: She doesn’t feel good, turn it back on.

Aelita: It looks like XANA infected me with a virus!

Jeremy: And that’s probably the reason why you fainted a while ago! XANA implanted a virus inside you because he wanted you to be linked to him, and if we kill XANA…

Aelita: Then I get destroyed as well…

Jim (uncomfortable): Uh…is there anything we can do?

Jeremy: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll create an anti-virus to free Aelita from X.A.N.A!

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