This is where the submarine launches in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle find Atlantis The Lost Empire.

Mrs. Packard: [on speaker] Attention all personale, final loading in process.

Rourke: Mr. Whitmore. [salutes]

Mr. Whitmore: Rourke [salutes]

Rourke: It's time.

Milo: [runs onboard] Bye, Mr. Whitmore!

[our heroes then race on the sub]

Mr. Whitmore: Make us proud boy!

[the hatch closes]

[then a crew closes a door on top]

Rourke: Lieutenant, take her down.

Helga: Diving officers, submerge from the ship. Making that 150 feet.

[the crewman then all shout orders and then pulls some controls, as the sub releases from the chains and lands in the sea]

Mr. Whitmore: [gives a thumbs up as the ship dives]

[the ship dives deep into the sea as Milo watches in the front and the all the lights come on and the sub start moving forward]

[in one of the sub's bunkrooms]

Mrs. Packard: [on speaker] Attentoin, Tonight's supper will be baked beans, musical program to follow.

Milo: {comes into the romm and sets his stuff dwon before yawning and streching, and then lays on his bunk]

Mrs. Packard: [on speaker] Who wrote this?

[Then some mysterious eyes see him, and a hand turns on a light]

Milo: DAH! [hits his head on the roof]

Moliere: You have disturbed the dirt.

Milo: Um, pardon me?

Moliere: [hops done] You've disturbed the dirt! Dirt from around the globe, spanning the centuries. [gasp] What have you done? [deploys a tiny dushpan and brush and sweeps up one pile of dirt and fixes it] England must never merge with France!

Milo: What's it doing in my bed?

Moliere: You're asking too many questions! Who are you? Who sent you? Speak up! Ah, I will know soon enough. [takes out some tweezers and grabs Milo's hand]

Milo: Hey, hey, hey!  [tries to break free] Let go!

Moliere: Do not be such a big cry baby! Hold still! [pulls something out] A-ha! There you are! [turns on his light and zooms in on the object] Now, tell me your story my little friend. [we view microscopics] [he then identifies each one] These are the microscopic finger prints of the map maker. [zooms in on Milo and then he licks the sample] And Linguist.

Milo: Hey how did you...

Moliere: [throws Milo his stuff] This is an outrage! You must leave at once! [he then starts to shove Milo out] Out, out, out, out! [they bump into a man]

Joshua Sweet: Uh oh, sat in the dirt didn't you? Mole, what have I told you about playin' nice with other kids? [takes out a bar of soap] Stay back, I got soap. And I'm not afraid to use it.

Moliere: [zooms in on the soap and then hisses at it]

Joshua Sweet: [towel slaps Mole] Back you fowel creature! Back to the pits from whence you came!

Moliere: [jumps back on the top bunk and hides under the blankets]

Joshua Sweet: The name's Sweet, Joshua Sweet. Medical officer.

Milo: Milo Thatch

Joshua Sweet: Milo Thatch? You're my 3:00, [takes out a saw] No time like the present.

Milo: Oh boy.

Joshua Sweet: Beauty isn't it? The catelog says that this baby cut through a femur in 28 seconds, [twangs the blade] I'm bettin' I can do that time in half. [puts away the saw and takes out a tounge depresser] Now, stick out your tougne and say, "aw".

Milo: Oh no, I... Ah.

Joshua Sweet: So where you from?

Milo: [mutters]

Joshua Sweet: Really? [takes out the tounge depressor and then puts a thermonitor in his mouth as his listens to his heart] Beautiful contry, had a family up there. Ya do any fishing?

Milo: [mutters with the thermonator in his mouth]

Jousha Sweet: I hate fishing, I hate fish. I hate the smell and them little bitty bones. [takes out 2 vials] Here, I'm gonna need ya to fill those up.

Milo: [spits out the thermonator] With what?

Mrs. Parkard: [on intercom] Will Milo Thatch, please report to the bridge.

Milo: [softly] Thank you. [stutters] I mean, nice meeting you. [he runs to the bridge]

Joshua Sweet: Uh huh, nice meeting you too.

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