Here is how the Suicide Squad and Code Red fight through Princess Ivy's minions in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meets Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy.

[we see the Villains partying in honor of Princess Ivy's most recent success]

[then we see the Suicide Squad with Rick and Nighlock leading the charge]

Nighlock: Come on![waves for his Code Red teammates]

Code Red:[join up with him]

Ryan F-Freeman: I want a piece of that action, Nighlock.

[while sitting next to the window, Ryvine sees the heroes and the smoke in the distance]

Ryvine Sparkle: Guys, we've got company!

Ryan F-Freeman: Knock-knock, Ryvine. Say hello to the member of the Suicide Squad, Ryanarley Quinn!

Nighlock: Ryanarley Quinn?

Evil Ryan: That's his Suicide Squad name, Nighlock.[ready's his weapons] Let's charge.

Nighlock: Hey Croc.

Killer Croc:[looks at him] 

Nighlock: When we charge, you knock on the door.

Killer Croc:[smirks]

Ryan F-Freeman: On my count of three, Killer Croc. 1.

[The Cyberlings got their weapons ready]

Ryan F-Freeman: 2.... 3!

Evil Ryan: CHARGE!!!

[Bertram blows a battle-horn]

Evil Anna: Not like a bugle horn but that will do.

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Japanese] Are you ready, Katana?

Katana(DC):[in Japanese] Yes.

Nighlock: Croc, when give you the signal, give the door a good knocking! Ready!(pauses for effect) Now!

Killer Croc:[picks up speed and gets ahead of the Squad] Here we go.[breaks down the door, and Kaos, Jafar, Malefacent, The Grand Duke of Owls, and Bowser see him] Tick Tock! Feed the Croc!

Kaos:[screams and runs away, making a hole shaped like him in the wall]

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Japanese] Let's do this.

Evil Ryan: When did Ryan speak in Japanese?

Nighlock: He picked it up from me and Deadpool.

Evil Ryan: That's good. [puts away his weapons] I got the Duke for the fleeing. Activate lights![his eyes lights up and shines at the Duke of Owls] Tick tock. Time's up.

The Grand Duke of Owls: Ahhhhhh!

Killer Croc: Hey Bowser! What's yellow and green and splattered all over the wall in red?

Bowser: I don't know.

Bertram T. Monkey: You. [grabs Bowser by his tail, spins around and throws him far away] So long, eh, Bowser.

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] That's so funny.

Evil Anna: You would make a good siren.[pulls out a Lamp from Disney's Aladdin] Use this lamp, Ryan.

[meanwhile, upstairs]

Princess Ivy:[teleports to the villains] And how is everything coming?

Jay (MR): We've got some uninvited guests. Heroes.

Flash Fire: Alright, where's Ren?

Kylo Ren:[off screen] I'm right here.

[they turn and see him beat up pretty badly, his mask destroyed in his hand, as well as his lightsaber]

Mal: What happened to you?

Kylo Ren: I took a heavy assault from the one called Crossbones[hits his side where Rumlow stabbed him]

[we see blood on the ground]

Bad Sofia: You took quite a beating.

Kylo Ren: Ya think? Where's Prime?

[they hear a horn, and see Optimus getting away]

[the squad, including Nighlock, see this and slip away to deal with it, unnoticed]

[minutes after that, the villains come down stairs and surround the heroes]

Kylo Ren: We're not finished yet!

Vision: That is your opinion, Ben Solo.

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Japanese] Protect Matau for me, Katana.

[when he gets no response he turns to where she last was]

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh where'd she go?

Archangel:[looks around as well] Has anyone noticed that the Squad and Nighlock aren't here?

[as if to answer his question, an explosion is heard, and for the first time, they see Nighlock and the Suicicdede Squad pursuing Optimus, firing upon him]

Matau T. Monkey: I think he is going to the Blazing Palisades. INDOMINUS REX!

Nighlock:[on earpiece] Indominus, stand down. We've got this.

[Deadshot then shot out two tires, forcing Optimus to fight]

Nighlock: Squad, keep him distracted while I get to where the chip is. When I'm there, throw the injection gun to me!

Evil Ryan: Optimus! You can't do this!

Optimus Prime:(kicks him away)

[Prime manages to defeat the Squad members, not noticing Nighlock was on him]

Nighlock: Now!

Deadshot:(throws him the injection gun)

Nighlock:[catches it and injects the chip into him] Hack commencing. It'll leave him stunned, but he'll be unconscious once it's complete and a success. We've never tested it.

Crash Bandicoot: Prime will be asleep when the bad chip is out.

Ryan F-Freeman:[in Japanese] After we reform Ivy, Katana. You and Rick are going to be my partners.

Katana(DC): [in Japanese] Yes, Ryan. I hope your plan works.

Optimus Prime:[throws Nighlock off of him] I kill you![freezes as he starts malfunctioning]

Kylo Ren:[grabs a nearby sword]

Evil Ryan: Rick. Stop Ben Solo.

Taskmaster:[shoots an explosive arrow at him]

Kylo Ren:[catches it and smiles]

[the arrow explodes and sends him flying]

Crash Bandicoot: Nice shot.

Nighlock:(unleashes his full Raven Fore power to scare away the villains)

Ryan F-Freeman: That's it! Run along home! Ryanarley Quinn is braver then you. [Laughs crazily like Harley]

[annoyed, Harley takes Rick's taser and shocks him]

Harley Quinn: I though I made it clear only I can pull off a crazy laugh perfectly.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ow. Sorry. Got a bit of Dark Ryan in me.

Crash Bandicoot: Really, Harley? Why you take Rick's taser?

Rick Flag:(repeats what Harley once told him) They're bad guys. It's what they do.

Deadshot:(puts a rope on Optimus and starts walking away with him)

Arcangel: Hey Floyd, where ya goin'?

Deadshot: To get a drink. Being a hero can sure make you thirsty.

Nighlock: I could use a Bud Light.

Crossbones: Moonshine.

Archangel: Well you know what they say. "It never hurts to have a drink before your next mission.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope I get lemonade. [to Harley] What do you think?

Harley Quinn: I think so.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Matau must wait at the Blazing Palisades while we have a break. Thanks for the charge on me. I'm a techno-organic.

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