The Superest Super Train of Them All is a movie.


Thomas reads a superhero comic and then he and his friends pretend to be heroes to fight villains. Can Thomas do it?


Thomas reads the comic

Thomas reads a comic about superheroes at Tidmouth Sheds. Timothy (Non-ghost Engine version) asks what he is reading and Thomas replies that he's reading "Superman". Tyrone comes in with Pablo and they're dressed up as Yucky Man and Doctor Shrinkie. Ryan, in his Ryan Who outfit, arrives and tells Tyrone and Pablo that those are nice costumes. Thomas then gets the idea and tells them to gather everyone for a meeting at Tidmouth sheds. Later, it is revealed that they are going to play superheroes. Thomas says that everyone has to make up their own superhero and name. The CMC, Crash, the Cyberlings, the Dazzlings, and Sideswipe all in super hero outfits and Matau is in his Batman outfit show up and agree to play. Twivine agrees too and she makes a Masked Matter-Horn costume in her colours. Ryan asks Twivine what her hero name could be. But Twivine says she's playing a villain. Matau suggests that Twivine's villain name would be "Nega Masked Matter-Horn". Twivine hugs Matau saying "I agree with your idea, Matau." and laughs at Ryan. Evil Ryan tells Twivine that her brother Ryvine can play along and He and two of his friends' hero name will be "The Siren Singers". And Ryvine arrive wearing his "Ryan Who" outfit and says his name for the game is "The Superest Super Train of Them All". In the game, the heroes have to decide who is the superest of them all and go through a series of epic contests.


  • will be good guest stars in this film.
  • will work for
  • will be bad guest stars in this film.



  • Everything is Awesome
  • Friends (from the Angry Birds Movie)

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