This is how The Symbiote Queen's defeat goes in My Little Pony Transformers Bionicle: Rise of the Symbiotes.


[The Symbiote Queen uses her tentacles to bring Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to her]

Princess Celestia: What is the meaning of this?

Princess Luna: I can barely feel my hooves.

[The Symbiote Queen smiles evilly]

Princess Celestia:

Princess Luna:

[The Symbiote Queen

[Tahu kills a Symbiote. The Symbiote Queen halves nearly take over Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's bodies when they both sense the death of one of their children]

Tahu: Oh, I'm sorry. Was that your son?

[The Symbiote Queen halves turn to face Tahu angrily]

Tahu: Then that means that's your daughter then too. [kills another Symbiote]

[Both Symbiote Queen halves drop Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and merge back into one and she angrily approaches Tahu]

Tahu: Well look at this. The Symbiote Queen has a soft spot. [kills another Symbiote]

[The Symbiote Queen growls]

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