This is how The Synthetic Energon test goes in Stronger, Faster.

[We see Ratchet looking at Synthetic Energon particles]

Ratchet: Hmm. Suprisingly stable.

[Rarity and Fluttershy come over]

Rarity: Hey Ratchet.

Fluttershy: Is that Synthetic Energon?

Ratchet: Well, yes in fact I'm preparing to test the sample. I see that you'd come equipped with protective goggles.

[Ratchet puts a tube containing the liquid into a syringe]

Fluttershy: We can watch?

Ratchet: We just add some to this test engine.

[Ratchet doses the stuff into the engine and it works]

Rarity: It works! Bee!

Ratchet: This iteration of the formula requires further trial before we can even think about using it for fuel, ammunition, or first aid, which is rather unfortunate, since our own energon reserves are at an all-time low. Our severely outnumbered warriors have been rapidly burning through our stockpile of late as the decepticon army continues to run us ragged and grind us down. Natural energon is in such short supply on your planet, and Megatron seems to have his oily claws buried deep in all Equestria's deposits. But if we can successfully produce a synthetic form, we can manufacture all the energy we'll ever need.

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