Here's when the T-800 and our heroes arrive in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

[we hear a truck engine start as some headlights come on, and then the truck's brakes hiss and it drives away]

[Then we see lightning sparking around 2 truck trailers and then a sphere appears, then it disappears, revealing the T-800 in human form in the bulf]

Terminator: [looks around and then looks towards a bar]

[the T-800 starts walking to the bar, scanning some cars and motorcycles while doing so and then he enters the door]

[inside the bar, 2 bikers are playing pool, and the Terminator enters, as everyone stops what their doing and look at him]

Terminator: [walks around the bar scanning people for their clothing sizes and then he comes up to one biker with a long beard and hair, smoking a cigar and finds his size matches his] I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.

[everyone then laughs]

Biker: You forgot to say: "Please". [he puffs his cigar and blows smoke in the Terminator's face, before pressing his cigar against his chest. But is surprised to see him not react]

Terminator: [grabs the biker's hand and squeezes it]

Biker: Oh! AH! AAH!! GET HIM OFF ME!!!

Biker: #2: [hits him with a pool stick]

[The Terminator then grabs the other biker and throws him out the window and then throws the biker into the kitchen and onto the grill]


[another guys takes out a knife and stabs him but the Terminator grabs the knife and twists his arm, and stabs the knife into his shoulder]

Biker #3: Oh, pull it out! Pull it out!

[but everyone backs away]

Terminator: [steps into the kitchen and approaches the biker]

Biker: [pulls out an M1911 pistol and tries to chamber a round but has trouble doing so]

Terminator: [snatches the pistol and chambers a round]

Biker: [takes out his keys] Take them!

Terminator: [grabs the keys and then steps out of the bar, fully clothed as "Bad to the Bone" plays. He then gets on the motorcycle and starts it]

Bar owner: [comes out with a Winchester M1887, lever-action, sawn-off shotgun, fires a warning shot and points it at the Terminator.] Can't let you take the man's wheels, son. Now, get off before I put you down.

Terminator: [shuts off the motorcycle and walks up to the Bar owner]

Bar owner: That's it, damn it.

Terminator: [grabs the shotgun, then walks up closer to the bar owner, and takes out a pair of shades. He puts them on, gets on the motorcycle and takes off]

[somewhere else, we are near and ally-way, then we see a flashing then a DeLorean appears. The DeLorean drives forward a but then stops]

[the doors open and our heroes step out]


Mucker: Thank you, Lazlo.

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