Here's how the T-850's arrival goes in Wrath of the Century.

[we are now out in a desert plain and then we see the T-850 appear]

[later, the T-850 arrives at a nightclub]

[grils are cheering for a guy as the T-850 wlaks in scanning everyone as he goes]

Fat woman: Shake it, baby!

[then he turns his attention to the stage, as "Macho Man" scans the man on stage and concludes a match.]

T-850: Take off your clothes.

Man: Patience, honey. [throws gloves at his face]

T-850: [steps on the stage as the cheering gets louder]

Man: Whoa, man. Wait your turn.

T-850: Your clothes!

Man: [puts out his hand] Talk to the hand.

T-850: [grabs his hand ands squeezes it] Now.

[the T-850 then steps out, fully clothed and then he tries on the shade but discards them. He then breaks into a pick up truck and turns off the alram. Then scans a watch, as he picks up a pair of shades and then he sets off to find out heroes]

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