Here's when the T-850's system gets corrupted in Wrath of the Century

[we return to our heroes still racing for the mine and then the flying HK appears again!]

Kate Brewster: [picks up an AKMS and fires at]

[after a short time she manages to destroy the flying HK]

Bilbo Baggins: Those machines are sick!

Human Rarity: Yeah, just hideous!

[then the T-850 comes from around the corner but is walking in an odd way]

Yuna: Hey, are you okay?!

T-850: Get away from me! Leave! Now!

Yuna: Wha?

[then he picks her and throws her against the rock face!]

Yuna: [groans in pain] Wait! You can't do this!

T-850: I have no choice! Nightmare Moon has corrupted my system!

Yuna: Stop! You can't kill humans! You said it yourself!

Nyx: Hey! [jumps onto him] Control yourself!

[but the T-850 throws her off]

Yuna: You're fighting it right now, I can tell!

T-850: My CPU is intact. But I cannot control my other functions.

Yuna: You don't have to do this, you don't wanna do this!

T-850: Desire is inrellivent, I am a machine. [grabs Yuna and then throws her onto the other wall and then picks her up by the neck]

Yuna: [chocking] What is your mission?

T-850: To help you guys destroy Cemetury Wind, TBC industries, and stop the villains, and Team Galactic's new project, and Sentinel Prime from bringing Cybertron to Earth. [raises his fist]

Yuna: [chocking] Yeah! Well, you're about to fail that mission!

T-850: [punches the wall] I.. I cannot!

Yuna: [choking] You know what you have to do! I have to live! [her face starts turning blue]

T-850: [lets Yuna go]

Yuna: [catching her breath]

T-850: [punches the wall several times and then stops]

Skyla: What happened to him?

Yuna: He couldn't do it, he shut himself down.

Thomas: Come on!

[they continue racing for the mine]


Count Ratan: I wonder what's going on in there?

Death Dragon Trooper Captain: Sir, we just received word that Latham Cole is on his way!

Count Ratan: Clean this place up for his arrival! [to Saturn] Saturn, can I speak to you?

Saturn: Sir!

Count Ratan: Now, I am in charge of this task. And if someone finds out about the ressurection of Spino and the Indominus Rex, and their escape, it'll be the end for me. And you, Mars, and Jupiter are freaking making it happen! First you sent the I-Rex to kill the others, and it faked it's escape and now it, and Spino are roaming free, along with that abomination offspring you made for them!

Saturn: We sented Boba Fett to find them sir.

Count Ratan: I know that.

Mars: Sir! We're just...

Count Ratan: Who told you to speak?! I didn't give you permission to speak!

[Mars grabs her shoulder]

Count Ratan: Saturn, you Mars, and Jupiter are soldiers. And you do as your told, that's what you do!

Saturn: [bends his head down] Yes sir.

[we now see Starlight patrolling some of the supplies when she hears something]

Starlight Glimmer: Come on in you stoops. [puts her rifle to "Full-auto"] Come on in, I'm waiting.

[but then a badger walks by]

Starlight Glimmer: Heh, just a badger. [but then some hits her shoulder!] Uh!

[then we hear a blast as a plasma blast flies from a tree and then it hits Starlight!]

Starlight Glimmer; AAAH!!!

[the others hear her scream as she then falls to the ground]

Rade Vane: What's that?

Trixie: Something's happened to Starlight!

[ then races straight for Starlight, and then when she gets to her, she then looks up and sees the Predator (invisible) as he then flashes his eyes at her.]

: CONTACT!!!!!!!! (Starts firing her at the Predator)

[the other villains hear this and race for them]

: YAAAH!!!!! JERK SHOW!!!!!!! [she continues firing until her Luger runs empty as she chucks it and then she picks up Starlight's rifle and then fires it at the trees] JERK SHOW!!!!

[the other villains then race up and all fire their guns]

[They all kept firing, till they all ran out of ammo]

[But still her her finger on the trigger of Starlight's rifle as the gun clicks, and she holds it for a few more seconds and then lets go]

Discord: What just happened?

: I saw it!

: What? The Indominus and Spino?

: No! That thing that killed Suri!

Queen Chrysalis: Go check it out.

[Captain Thorn and some of the Death Dragon Troopers go into the forest as Count Ratan and take a look at Starlight's body]

Count Ratan: Dear God.

: The wound's all fused, corterized. Who the hell could've done this to an equine?

Count Ratan: Sonata.

[Sonata doesn't reply]

Count Ratan: Sonata! Who did this?

: I..I.. I don't know. I only saw his eyes.

[The changelings and Dragon Death Troopers came back]

Captain Thorn: Nothing. Not a stinken' trace. No tracks, or blood. We hit nothing.

Count Ratan: (is shocked) , you better call some backup. 

: Sir!

Count Ratan:

: Wha?

Count Ratan: I want you to set up flare traps all around here, just to make sure what ever that thing is comes back.

: Right.