Here's how the T-Rex comes back and Arlo's father arrives in Snowdrop's Dino Movie

Arlo: Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: What is it?

Arlo: He's there!

[Everyone turns around to se the T-Rex!]

Arlo: T-REX!!!!! [sends Snowdrop flying in the air to a dam]

Yuna: Snowdrop!

Hiccup: Come on!

T-Rex: ROAR!!!

[they reach the dam and find Snowdrops' alright]

Astrid: Don't move, Snow! We'll get you off of there, just don't move an inch!

Snowdrop: Alright!

T-Rex: ROAR!!!!!! [walks towards them]

Brian: Get that T-Rex! [grabs an M16 and starts firing at it]

Arlo: Snowdrop, I have an idea! Hang on!

[he then goes to the side and tries to roar but can't. But then he gives anpother try and roars!]

Arlo: I did it!

[Then there was another roar. And out came Arlo's father!]

Arlo's father: ROAR!!!!! [tail whips T-Rex down]

Arlo: Papa!

Arlo's father: Arlo! My son! Where have you been?

Arlo: I'll explain later, but my friend needs help! She's trapped on those logs!

Arlo's Father: Okay, son. [he then slowly makes his way to the logs] Hang on there, little one. I'm Arlo's father.

Snowdrop: Sir, can you get me off of here?

Arlo's Father: No need to fret.  [he then reaches his neck down]

Hiccup; I hope this works.

Stewie: Well, he better hurry, because here comes walnut brain!

[Then the T-Rex gets back up!]

T-Rex: ROAR!!!!!!!

Human Applejack: Get Snowdrop, we'll hold him off!

T-Rex: [growls]

Brian: [fires his M16 at him]

[Arlo's father crosses the damm.]

Arlo's Father: Snowdrop, hop on my neck.

Snowdrop: Okay. [grabs on]

[Then something bit the Apatosaur's leg]

Arlo's father: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

[The T-Rex is grabbing on to him]

[Then the apatosaur smashes him to the dam which causes to break and reaches back just in time. And the damn completly breaks away and drowns the T-Rex]

Arlo's father] brings his neck down and Snowdrop hops off]

Princess Luna: Snowdrop, thank goodness!

Snowdrop: Mother!

Arlo's Father: [puts her down]

Primrose: [hugs her]

Arlo: Papa! ROAR!!!!!

[Then, Primrose is fading away]

Snowdrop: Wait, you're leaving?

Primrose: My time is up for now, my Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: No! Please!

Primrose: I'm sorry, my filly. but I only have so long to see you.

Snowdrop: Mommy no. Don't leave me. [begins crying]


Little filly
bright and brave
feel the morning
warmth upon your face
brings a new day
Keep your head up
Chase your doubts away


Filly of frozen tears
Can't you see the
world has so much cheer
For you
My little one
Stand tall now
Keep your spirits high
And listen to
the stars' lullaby
Into the gentle breeze
And make a wish
to ring through the centuries

(repeat chorus)

Filly of frozen tears
Can't you see the
world has so much cheer

Snowdrop: [sniffs]

Primrose: And don't worry, I will visit again, sometime later.

For you
My little one

Snowdrop: [wheeping] She's gone!

Princess Luna: She's not gone. She's with me and Tia's grandfather

Snowdrop: I know butt...

Princess Luna: It's alright, she'll always be with you. And you have me, Hiro, Yuna, Moon Starlight, and your dragons as your family too.

Eaglesight: [nuzzles Snowdrop]

Snowdrop: [giggles]

Frostlord: [licks her]

Snowdrop: Frostlord! Easy! That tickles!

Yuna: Snowdrop, no matter what. You're my little sister.

Moon Starlight: As well as mine.

Nightstar: [growls in agreement]

Nyx: And now, we know why the Apatosaurus was here, he was looking for his son.

Brian; Arlo, Mr. Apatosaurus. I'm sorry for how I acted. I misjudged you. can you forgive me?

Arlo: Of course we can.

Arlo's father: You still wanna play with my son, young foal?

Snowdrop; Sure I do!

Arlo: Snowdrop! You're it!

Snowdrop: Hey! [chases after him]

[then her dragons join in]

Yuna: (narrating) And so, today we met a new friend. an Apatosaurus. At first it seemed like they were bad, but with a little help from my sister, Snowdrop. We found that we could befriend one, like how my friend Blythe Baxter befriended a T-Rex and a pack of Velociraptors. and Snowdrop proved to us, that even with her blindness, she can still do things we can. And we will always be friends with a dinosaur in the family. Especially with our.... 

Snowdrop: [off screen] Can I say it, Yuna? Please.

Yuna: [off screen] Alright then.

Snowdrop: [off screen] Especially with our dragons!

[we then look up in the sky and see the 2 clouds of them joining together as the movie ends with "Together We Made a Promise" playing]

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