This is where our heroes find the third ingredient and the battle with Sharon goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[back with the others]

Nyx: That's a perfect idea, Snowdrop!

Skyla: Did you tell Sharon yet?

Snowdrop: No, but I was going to right now.

Human Twilight: [looks back] Wait, where's Sharon? She was suppose to be standing out there, and keeping guard.

Mushu: I'll go check it out. [he races over and goes around the corner]

Carlos: Hey, maybe Sharon went to catch a falling star! [chuckles]

Everyone: Carlos!

Scootaloo: Maybe she just went around the corner to gaze at the Moon.

Yuna: That would make sense, Mama once told me that if you look to the stars, you can see the Great Kings and Queens of the past up there.

Hiccup: Dad once told me the same thing too.

[but then Mushu comes back, carrying Sharon's rifle]

Mushu: Sharon's not there! All I could find is her gun! She's gone!

Glaceon: What?!

Astrid: Sharon!

Yuna: Sharon, are you there? SHARON!!

Predator: Sharon! Sharon! (no reply) I think she's gone.

Human Rarity: Oh, no! Sharon's gone!?

Fishlegs: Do you think maybe she went on a head start to where we could find the next item?

Yuna: Maybe. I don't know.

Zoe Trent: We have to try.

Snowdrop: Well, I know where we should go next. Just follow my lead.

Snotlout: A Blind foal leading the way, this outta be interesting.

Astrid: [punches Snotlout in the shoulder]

Human Fluttershy: Snowdrop is right. She can see with the Force.

Hiccup: Besides, she has Frostlord and Eaglesight helping her.

Indigo Zap: See with the Force? How can she see with Force?

Human Rainbow: Uh, her mother helped her.

Sugarcoat: Who, Princess Luna?

Human Applejack: No, no. Her old mother.

Sunny Flare: Old mother?

Human Fluttershy: A Pegasus named, Primrose.

Sunny Flare: Where is she?

Yuna: She's gone, she was killed by a Monstrous Nightmare.

Lemon Zest: Oh, dear.

Moon Starlight: Yeah, and then she was Adopted by our Mother.

Snowdrop: That's right. And sometimes she stops by in spirit for a visit for my problems, and my movies sometimes.

Sour Sweet: That's good.

Yuna: Alright, let's get going. lead on, Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: You got it. [nudges Forstlord] Onward, Frost!

[they then take to skies]

[after some time of flying they settled down]

Nyx: Where are we?

Snowdrop: We're at an old ruin I found. It's where I know that's some leftover snow and ice.

Skyla: Aw, cool.

Henry: Ice and Snow? What's that for?

Vinnie Terrio: It must be something she created.

Pepper Clark: Like what?

Sunil Nevla: If you ask me, she might need it for making a snowflake in the shape of a star.

Zoe Trent: That makes sense to me.

Henry: Make a snowflake? She can make snowflakes?

Vinnie Terrio: Yeah, and she was the one created the first snowflake in Equestria.

Henry: [as Mike Wazowski] WOW!!

Russell Ferguson: I know.

Henry: I wanna see this for myself! [races into the old ruin]

Snowdrop: No, Henry!

Henry: [stops in position] What? What's wrong?

Snowdrop: Something's coming.

Henry: How can you tell?

Snowdrop: I can hear with my ears.

Zoe Trent: I can hear someone coming too.

Snowdrop: I better get this done quick!

[she then races inside the old ruins and finds something]

Snowdrop: Ah, it's still here. [grabs it]

[but then as Snowdrop goes to head out, there was a loud boom!]

Snowdrop: Huh?

[as the dust starts to clear, we see Sharon's body starting to appear]

Snowdrop: {uses Force Vision] Sharon! You're back!

[but when the dust clears, Sharon's eyes were changed!]

Snowdrop: Huh? What happened to your eyes?!

Sharon: It doesn't matter, besides who needs Barret? You and I can make hundreds, thousands, billions, of snowflakes. Just like we were kids!

Snowdrop: Sharon! What are you saying?! You said before you missed your father!

Sharon: Who cares?

Snowdrop: Sharon! How can you say that about your family?! You're talking like a Sith!

Sharon: That's because I am.

[Sharon the Force throws Snowdrop against the wall]

Snowdrop: [falls back down to the ground] Sharon, don't do this!

Sharon: Oh, I will. And let's see how your skills with a Lightsaber are. [deploys her Lightsaber]

Snowdrop: [deploys her lightsaber]

[the 2 charge forward and clash their Lightsabers]

[they then start clashing their sabers at different angles]

Snowdrop: Stop this!

Sharon: Why? We've only just begun!

Yuna: Snowdrop, what's going on?

Snowdrop: I've run into technical difficulties!

Yuna: What kind?

Snowdrop: Let's just say, I'm currently engaged in a duel!

[then Sharon then walks closer]

[then as Snowdrop clashes her Saber with Sharon's Sharon then Force shoves Snowdrop back and then she zaps her with Force Lighting on her horn]

Snowdrop: [yells in agony]

[After a few minutes, Sharon stops]

[Snowdrop then falls to ground, but is now raggely breathing, and very weak.]


Snowdrop. [very weakly] Yuna......

Hiccup: [checks her heart] It's slowing down!

Astrid: How did this happen?

Snowdrop: [weakly] Force... Lightning.... fr... from...

[Snowdrop then faints]

Human Fluttershy: From what? From What?!

Skyla: Snowdrop?

Sunil Nevla: [picks up Snowdrop] Snowdrop! [shakes her] Snowdrop! [he lets her go]

Russell Ferguson: What's going on? Why isn't she responding?!

Nyx: [puts her ear to her chest]

Yuna: [with tears in her eyes] Nyx?

Nyx: [her ears droop down] Nothing.

Yuna: ....No!

Snotlout: (as Brody) That's great! That's just great! Now, not only have we lost Sharon, but now our super Force Sensitive pegasus is now out for the count! (yells in frustration)

Yuna: No... No.. Snowdrop! [hugs her and weeps]

Mushu: Oh man, and now we can't get the third item!

Eaglesight: [growls]

Mushu: Huh?

Eaglesight: [nudges a small chest]

Mushu: The thrid item's in the chest?

Eaglesight: [nods]

Mushu: Yes! We're back in buisness!

Skyla: Mushu, can we worry about that later? We currently have to help Snowdrop right now!

Yuna: Yes! Nyx, what do we do?

Nyx: I'm not sure... [then a though strikes her] Wait! I just remembered! [grabs the book from the bags] I think there's something about a healing hot spring on the island in here! [starts looking through the book]

Human Twilight: Anything?

Nyx: Here it is! Somewhere on the outer rim of the island is a healing hot spring. It might be a way we can help Snowdrop!

Brian: Then let's head for the island right away!

[They hop on their dragons and took off]

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