Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, and Stratos all together.

Lythos', Hydros', Pyros', and Stratos' death

Lythos', Hydros', Pyros', and Stratos' death

The Titans
are 4 elemental Dark Spawn lords that Hades wanted to free in order to take control of Mount Olympus. They managed to get free of their prison, only to be destroyed by Hercules by being hurled into outer space where they crash into a star and explode. in so, this sents them to a new prison, the banished realms, where at least they are reunited with their father. They are the brothers of Chernabog in Pooh's Adventures, yet they are Hexxus' sons in the spongebob adventure series.

Despite massive strength and destructive tendencies, these four aren't very intelligent.  In fact, once they were freed they headed one direction, thinking they were heading for Mt. Olympus, until Hades pointed out that Olympus was in the opposite direction.


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