Here's how the tomb of the Purple Diamond goes in Wrath of the Century.

[We see the ship crashed landed in a nearby tomb]

Shai-Shay: [panting] Oh man, I'm glad we're out of that.

Brian: Yeah, but we didn't save Anna. And the princeses are now turned to the Dark Side of the Force.  And Vinny is dead. And remember when we called Snoopy and Woodstock? Well, they're dead! I gave them a jug, but I didn't know how strong it was! [cries a little] And now they're dead, they're dead! [cries]

Sylveon: [puts her paw on his back]

Brian: Get off me!

[Everyone and Sylveon are in shock]

Brian: It's New Brian.

Sylveon: Yes, I know. New Brian was in league with the Sith all along.

Mulan: I'm so sorry Brian. [tries to reach her hand to him]

Brian: No, Mulan. I did this. I should have known he was part of the world takeover business, I'm the one who should have been ran over by that car instead of Vinny.

Merida: Don't say that!

Brian: No, Merida! It's true! And now he's dead because of me.

King Solar Flare: There is one way to bring him back.

Brian: There is?

Barret Barricade: Yes, it's a called "The Purple Diamond". It has the power to ressurect beings that are deceased.

Brian: Really?! WHERE IS IT?!

Barret Barricade: Inside but...

[Brian races inside leaving dust]


Twilight: Brian, wait for us!

[they all race in]

Brian: [laughing like crazy, he's about to step on something when Barret pulled him back]

Barret Barricade: Brian you can't just race into here!

Brian: Why?

Barret Barricade: Because it's very hazardous in here!

Brian: Hazardous?

[But then Brian steps on a pressure plate which makes a rock fall from the ceiling!]

Brian: WHOA!!!

[Twilight jumps into Brian making the rock avoid him as it smashes on the ground]

King Solar Flare: That's what we mean! This temple has accent booby traps of all kinds to protect the diamond from being stolen by the wrong hands.

Rick O'Connel: Of course there is.

Brian: So how do we get to the diamond without getting killed by one of the traps?

Rainbow: We could float across.

Barret Barricade: Uh, we can't. There's even traps that can get pegasi or others that can fly.

Toulee: Could we teleport?

Barret Barricade: Mmm-mm. Some traps can detect teleportation easy.

Johnathan: [groans] I hate these kind of temples! They never play fair!

Barret Barricade: But I may know the keys to avoid most of them. For starters, the pressure tiles are hexagon shaped. So don't step on hexagon shaped tiles.

[They slowly move forward avoid hexagon tiles and then they come to the next room]

Human Applejack: That was easy.

King Solar Flare: Yes, but it won't be for the next portion.

Human Rainbow: Why?

Barret Barricade: [pushes a dummy pony down the hall]

[Air whooshing]

[the dummy head rolls back]

Human Rarity and Rarity (equine): AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Barret Barricade: This trap is known as "The Breath of the Guardian" and only the Paniten Man will pass.

Brian: I'll go first. [he goes down the hall] The Paniten man will pass. The paniten man is humble and kneels before God. [gasp] Kneels! [he does so and avoids the cutting blades, then he sees the gearing for it and he jams it, making them stop] I'm through!

King Solar Flare: Good.

Barret Barricade: Easy, now.

[they all move forward avoids anymore hexagon tiles and then come up to another portion]

Joe Swanson: Okay, now what?

Barret Barricade: Now we have to cross these tiles.

[we see several tiles with a picture on it]

Stewie: Ha! Too easy!

[he's about to step forward]

Barret Barricade: Wait! You have to step on a certain tile out of all those tiles.

Puffer: Let me guess, if we step on the wrong one, a rock falls from the ceiling?

King Solar Flare: No. [grabs a peice of coal] This happens.

[he tosses the coal onto a tile and then a whole bunch poison arrows shoot out]

Cade: Whoa! [ducks]

[the arrows then hit the other wall]

Top Hatt: Goodness, poison arrows!

Puffer: Oh, that happens.

Quarmire: But which one of these damn tiles is the right one?

Aranea: Well, these tiles all have a picture on them. So maybe the picture that stands out is the one we should step on.

Daring Do: I seen this before. [looks at the tiles] I got it! These are pictures of animals and most of them are all carnivores. So there has to be one tile that has a different animal.

Raj: There! That one has a giraffe! A giraffe isn't a carnivore!

Daring Do: It isn't.

Brian: Okay, here goes. [she steps on the giraffe tile and nothing happens] Yes! Come on!

[They all carefully step onto the giraffe tiles and then make it across]

Toby: That was close.

[Soon they walk down a hall but as they go, crunching is heard]

Brian: Peter, will you please stop eating those crackers?

Peter: I'm not doing anything.

Shining Armor: Wait a minute. [takes the next step and it crunches] It's coming from the floor.

Pinkie: Maybe we're walking on cookies or even crackers.

Mucker: I don't think so. [shines his brightest floodlight down and we see a ton of bugs all over the floor] They're bugs!

Rarity (Equine and Human): BUGS?! [shrieks as they jump up and into Applejack (equine and human) arms]

Applejack: Whoa nelly!

Human Applejack: Dagnabbit you 2! Ther' ain't no need ta' be so dang giddy!

Human Rarity: There is too! There are bugs on the floor!

Cleveland: That's weird, something's in my leg. [when he pulls up his pants he finds a bettle on his leg] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! [falls on his back] AH! AH!

Joe: [shoots it off]

Brian: Let's keep moving.

[they enter the next room and see a huge drop before them]

Brian: That is one deep fall.

King Solar Flare: The path of God, "Only a leap from the Alicorn's head will prove his worth."

Brian: [notices an Alicorn statue on the side of the rock face] Oh, my God, it's a leap of Faith. [looks at the distance to the other side] It's impossible, no one could jump this.

Elsa: Try it Brian, Anna, and the Princesses are counting on you.

Brian: I don't know.

Sylveon: [put her paw on Brian's shoulder] You can do it.

Brian: [sighs and then gulps]

[he closes and eyes steps froward from the statue and then lands on something]

Brian: [looks] Hey, I did it!

[then a secret bridge is revealed!]

Brian: Thank God. [to the others] Come on!

[they all cross and then reach the entrance to the chamber of the diamond]

Brian: Alright, now we can get the... Oh, my God!

[They see millions of diamonds in different colors of purple and different sizes]

Digit: Yoiks! Look at all of these different diamonds!

Glaceon: Oh this all we need! A Stinkin' guessing riddle!

Brian: Start looking! It's gotta be one of those ones!

[then we hear footsteps]

Mako: [looks back]

Rainbow: Mak, don't just sit there! Give us a hand!

Mako: I'm sorry, I just thought I heard something.

Ernie: It's because you did, hooknose.

Peter: Oh no.

[then inside comes, Ernie, Tirek, Aku, Darth Vader, Jafar, Hades, Frollo, and the Evil Mane Six]

Tirek: You're gonna give us what we want!

Edd: We couldn't even if we wanted to! We don't even know which one is the real one!

[the villains take a look at the diamonds and realize the situation]

Ernie: WHAT?! THERE'S SEVERAL DIAMONDS?! [points his gun at Twilight Scream] I thought you said there was only one!

Twilight Scream: [slowly brings the barrel down so she can look at Ernie] No, I said that the diamond would be amongst other diamonds in here. And I also said that the being who were last here hid the diamond with look-alikes to avoid it from being an easy grab! Weren't you even listening to me!?

Ernie: That last part I missed. [snarls as he holsters his gun] Never mind that, just find the damn thing!

Frollo: But we didn't even look more into this! How do we tell which one it is?

Rarshion: Let me choose. [does enemy-min-mo]

[she then grabs a big dark purple diamond and hands it to Ernie]

Ernie: Perfect. Now, let's head back for the base.

[The villains leave]


King Solar Flare: [stiffles a laugh]

Brian: What? What's so funny?!

Barret Barricade: She choose... poorly

Brian: You mean they don't have the real diamond?

Barret Barricade: [nods]

Brian: Oh, thank God. So which one is the real one?

Daring Do: [looking a one] That one's the shade of indigo.

[the camera pans down to an indigo colored, medium sized diamond]

Brian: [grabs it and then looks at Barret]

Barret Barricade: You choose... wisely.

King Solar Flare: Now, let's save Vinny.

Brian: [races out first] DON'T WORRY VINNY, WE'RE COMING FOR YA!!!

Mako: Wait a minute, something's not right.

Edd: What's not right?

Pepper Clark: The fact that the villains didn't even try to kill us?

Mako: Well, yes there's that. But, in every single movie I've ever seen with lost treasures, as soon as you take the stuff, a bunch of booby traps go off.

Edward: That's right, when we found that Grail when we were with Indiana Jones, it triggered a trap.

Mako: So, why haven't any traps gone off?

Human Pinkie: (leans on ledge on wall) Maybe, it's just a dud.

[But then the ledge Human Pinkie's leaning on then slowly pushes into the wall. And then the whole place starts to rumble]

Vinnie Terrio: (as Tony) Hey, what's going on?!

Jimmy: Ah! Pinkie, what'd you do?!

Human Pinkie: I don't know! All did was lean on this ledge!

SpongeBob: Nevermind!

Duck: Let's get outta here!

[ everyone starts running and soon they caught up with Brian]

Brian: Guys, what's happening!?

Percy: We triggered some traps and now they're all going off!

Pepper Clark: Oh man, I'm gonna kill you for this, Pinkie!

Penny Ling: I think the traps will take care of that!

Sunil Nevla: Quit it! Don't jinx it!

[They continue running as they avoid several of the traps and shooting arrows, but then the door ahead starts to close!]

Quagmire: The door!

Brian: Hurry! We have to get through before it closes!

[But as they continue running, Zoe's tail gets caught between 2 rocks]

Zoe Trent: Yow! (Tries to pull loose) Wait, don't leave me!

[The team race out the door but notice Zoe is stuck]

Judy Hopps: [jams a metal pole between the door and the floor] That should hold it for now!

[Some of them race back and then free Zoe]

Brian: Quick, the door!

[They take off running again, but the metal pole can't hold the door open for long and pops out, as the team run faster and then slide underneath it, as Zoe quickly grabs her hat at the last second.]

Sharon: That was close!

Skyla: No kidding.

[But as soon as they get up, there's another rumble]

Sharon: I think I spoke too soon.

[They look back and see a giant watermelon rolling straight for them!]

Brian: Oh, my God!

Twilight: Run!

[The team take off running again, as they run through cobwebs, and soon they reach the exit just in time as the watermelon smashes into the door and cracks into a million pieces]

Twilight: You know, we could'very just teleported out.

Brian: Huh, I guess we could've. But there's no time to lose, let's get to Vinny!