This is where our heroes find the Tomb of the Train-Primes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

Skarleoy: Where do we go now? We're at a dead end with a very deep cliff.

Rabbit: [sees something] Look there! The tomb of the Train-Primes!

[the camera pans up and we see a huge tomb]

Piglet: Whatever will we do?

Eeyore: Well, we could get the crystal out of there. If anybody has any ideas how to get up there, that is.

Tigger: The symbols! Did they mention how to get up there?

Nyx: No! It didn't give anything that could help us!

Maxi: We'll have to use our heads.

Rabbit: I could try to think of a way, for Pooh and Thomas.

Pooh: Fank you, Wabbit.

Rabbit: [ponders]

[after thinking really hard he sees something]

Rabbit: Oh! I have it, ho, ho! Tigger, you can bounce Piglet and Sunil on the ledge up there. And Piglet, Sunil, you can send that long viney thing down here. And we'll sevey yup and get the crystal!

Tigger: Me? Make a bounce like that? Well, I could try for Thomas and Pooh to make them happy.

Pooh: Vewy, vewy happy.

Piglet: It's very high for small animals. But I'll be brave for Pooh Bear and Thomas.

Sunil Nevla: And I will do it for Thomas.

Tigger: [puts Piglet and Sunil on his back] 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 because of, uh, it comes before 4? And here we go!

[Tigger makes a huge bounce and flies up to the ledge but doesn't grab, and uses his arms as wings and grabs it]

Piglet: [slides down his tail]

[Tigger pulls onto the ledge and puts Piglet down as Sunil hops off]

Piglet: [feels the ground, walks on the ledge, and looks down.]

[the camera zooms down to the huge endless abyss below]

Piglet: [closes his eyes, ears and arms]

Sunil Nevla: Come on, Piglet. We need to get the vine down!

Piglet; [lifts his arms off his face]

Sunil Nevla: Good, now the ears.

Piglet: [pulls his ears off]

Sunil Nevla: Eyes too.

Piglet: [opens them and pushes the vine and slides down and touches Rabbit's nose] 

Sunil Nevla: Here I go. [he slides down the vine and bumps into Fluttershy's muzzle, but then he jumps off] OW! OW! OW! OW! [blows on his hands which are red hot form the slide]

Pooh: You did it! Hooray! [pulls free] AH! [slides down] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Piglet: You know. For a moment, I thought I can almost hear Pooh bear. Cheering us on.

Rabbit: [nods]

[Pooh slides down and into a huge crystal pit] 

Pooh: Wait for me Piglet! [he trys to run up the wall but slides down] Hold on, Eeyore! [he trys (again) to run up the wall but slides down]  Oh, bother! I belive. If there is no way out. Then I shall have to stay, in. With no more friends, no more Thomas, no more anything, no more "We". If only I hadn't forgotten what Thomas said. Oh, Thomas. If just couldn't seen, Piglet and Sunil, they were so much brave than they believed. And Tigger was stronger then he seems, and Rabbit smarter than he thinks.

Thomas: [voice] I'll always be with you.

Pooh: Thomas? Hm.. It's some rather puzzle or thing. But, it's almost that you never left me. But that can be, can it? Or can it? Perhaps, you are here. So. Even though were apart, we really are together. [chuckles] And then perhaps Steamfire was mistaken all along. Perhaps the place were you are, is not on symbols. How very nice for us.



Pooh: Or, make it 3!

Cruncher: [holds out his hand]

Pooh: [hops on it]

Cruncher [lifts it up and smells Pooh]

Pooh: Uh, Mr. Trainbot! Wait! What?! [looks at Cruncher] You're. You're the guardian of the Train-Primes!

[Back with the others]

[We see Eeyore being hoisted up]

[then as Eeyore reaches the edge, he tumbles onto the others]

Morley: We've made it into the tomb.

Squidward: Wait, it's too easy.

Puffer: Yeah, isn't ther' normally an obsticle right near the main treasure?

[then they hear a puffing sound]

Kevin (train): What's that?

[The puffing gets louder]

Ishani: Something's coming!

[then we see a shadow on the wall]

[and louder]

Rabbit: This is it.

[and louder]

Skyla: It's...

[we then see 2 lights]

Skyla: It's...

[and louder]

Skyla: IT'S..

[The shadow revealed a tank engine. Then the camera pans over to the shadow's owner which was Lady!]

Skyla: A tank engine?

Lady: I knew I'd find you here.

Zeñorita: ¡Qué magnífico motor, ella es realmente hermosa. Quién es ella?

Percy: Lady!

Lady: Hello, my fellow friends.

Percy: What are you doing here?

Lady: I'm here to help you, because the Ultratron is attacking earth. What brings you all to this old tomb of the Train-Primes.

Brian: Lady. Oh, my God. It really is you.

Lady: Hello Brian. It's been a long time.

Brian: Yeah, me, Burnett, and Thomas, helped you escape from Diesel 10.

Lady: [chuckles] I guess it's now my turn to help you this time.

Brian: Yeah, I guess it does.

Yuna: Well, we're trying to find the Crystal of the Train-Primes so we can bring back Thomas.

Kevin (train): Yeah.

Nyx: But, we need to blast the wall.

Carl: Stand back guys, and let Carl take care of things. [takes a coconut out of nowehere]

Skyla: Carl, I don't think a cocount is gonna..

Carl: [hits the wall with the coconut] Don't worry Skyla, in this bone is a solitary muscle! [hits more] I need oxgene!

Terminator: Let me try mine. [takes out his M79 grenade launcher, loads a grenade]


Terminator: [cocks the greande launcher and fires]

[We see the inside of the tomb]

Nyx: Nice job.

Terminator: No problemo.

Human Rainbow: Give me some! [holds out her hand] You know, give me 5. Put out your hand.

Terminator: [does so]

Human Rainbow: [gives him 5] Alright! [puts out her hand] Now do me.

Terminator: [does so, but really hard] How's that?

Human Rainbow: Yeah, you got it. Ow.

[inside the Tomb]

Jimmy: Amazing. This is really astonishing.

Cindy: This is cool, I guess.

Sheen: Yo! YO!! Totally cool! It's like in that one Ultra Lord movie!

Squidward: Will you forGET ABOUT ULTRA LORD FOR ONCE?!

Sheen: Sheez.

Hank: Well, where's the crystal?

Wreck-it Ralph: [sees something glowing] There it is!

[we see a light-blue, quartz crystal glowing, just ahead]

Zoe Trent: The Crystal of the Train-Primes.

Minka Mink: We've found it. [gets closer to it] It's so shiny!

Nyx: [gently grabs it] The crystal.

Rarity: It's so beautiful!! I wish I could keep it.

[but then it disintegrates to dust!]

Nyx: [gasp]

Inuyasha: After a million years. It turned to dust.

Twilight: No. No. NOOOO!!!! [falls to the flloor and weeps] Now we'll never save Thomas! [continues weeping]

Brian: What? That's it?! WE CAME ALL THIS WAY, JUST TO HAVE THE CRYSTAL DISINTEGRATE TO DUST, IN THIS ROCK PILE?! [echoes] [walks around in anger] Oh, great! [groans] Oh, great. OH, great! [kicks a small rock]

Skyla: It's over.

General Dedrich: What? What are you, a bunch of lolly-gaggers?! We traveled throught the moutains, 3 valleys and a bunch tunnels, then sivied up a vine to the tomb. AND YOU THINK IT'S OVER?!

Skyla: YES!

General Dedrich: Percy?

Percy: The General's right. We've come too far to call it quits. We still have a chance to stop the Ultratron.

Penny Ling: But how can we bring back thomas?

Sheen: Yeah, the crystal's now a pile of dust!

Nyx: Well, dust or not. I'm getting this to my adoptive father, even if it kills me. And no T-1000, [takes out a tiny bag] evil genius, chaos spirit, [starts putting the dust in the bag], Changling queen, faceless engine, a heart-hungry, changling princess,  Deceptitrain, or The Ultratron, is GONNA STOP ME!! [ties the bag shut]

Edward: Hurry.

Nyx: I am!

Timber: Well, we have the crystal. But how we gonna get out?

Pepper Clark: He's right. There's no where to get out!

Bill: What are we gonna do?!

Ben: We'll be stuck here forever!

Eeyore: It seems like we're stuck in here for the rest of our lives.

Charlie: We can just forget about going the same way, we came in.

Batman: Thanks to blondie ponytail, the valleys are blocked.

Cindy: Yeah, well.. OH who am I kidding?! We'll never stop the Ultratron!

Skyla: Nor, will we save Thomas.

Dile: Well, I may not be a normal croc anymore. But I'm smart enough for this.

[Everyone looks at Dile]

Dile: What? Dont look at me, I don't have any ideas.

Everyone: [groans]

Joy: [sarcastically] Okay, okay, don't have a crocodile.

Princess Luna: I'm not ready to quit yet. There must be a way out of here.

Quarmire: This is fantastic! Our hopes of saving Thomas have been lowered, we're trapped in a temple with no way to go, with a warrior and cloggersaurus waiting for us!

Spongebob: And you know what else, "else"? We're getting low on food and water.

Quarmire: And we're low on food and water! Oh, we're low on water and food! Not that! Oh, how can it get any worse?! [kicks a rock, which slams into the wall and then a rumbling is heard]

Peter: What's that?

Splinter: Duck and cover!

[they all do as the wall caves in]

[the dust then clears, and revealed a a tunnel with tracks in it]

Mr. Great White: It's an old railway. You found a way out!

Quarmire: I did? I mean, I did!

Gordon Quinn: Well, I don't care where those tracks lead. Let's get out of here.

Mr. Blik: Yeah, before the warrior and Cloggersaurus find us.

Waffle: Splee!

[Then something crawls by]

Vinny: What was that?

[Then a giant robotic scorpion came out!]

Robotic scorpion: [pinches]

Peter: What is that?

Knockout: It’s one of Dread Steam’s creations!

Robotic scorpion: [screeches]

Theodore: I bet it wants Nyx.

Robotic scorpion: [sees Nyx and gets closer]

Terminator: [punches the scorpion]

Robotic scorpion: [slaps him away]

Brian: Go!

[Robotic scorpion lashes out his stinger]

[Then Nyx gets separated from the group]

Robotic scorpion: [screeches] [chases Nyx]

Nyx: [whimpers] [starts running]

[Then Nyx reaches a cliff and looks back and the scorpion gets closer]

Brian: [fires, which makes the scorpion chases him] Nyx, run! [starts running]

Nyx: [instead follows Brian]

Brian: [looks back and sees it’s stinger has a harpoon!]

Willy: [shines reflection, making the scorpion fired at a bridge. As it runs it slings it back. Brian and Nyx are pinned on a bridge. And it brings back it’s harpoon]

Robotic scorpion: [screeches]

[Then the Terminator starts running up, the scorpion sees him and hits him with his stinger]

Terminator: [gets back up]

Robotic scorpion [fires his harpoon at it’s leg and pulls the Terminator, but Nyx grabs his hand]

Nyx: Brian! Cut the cable!

Brian: [does so]

[Then the bridge starts breaking into 2, Brian grabs on the Terminator’s legs, the scorpion grabs on the end of the broken bridge, then Nyx falls]

Nyx: [screaming]

Brian: I got you! [grabs Nyx’s hoof]

Robotic scorpion: [stars climbing] [screeches]

Nyx: AH!

Brian: [gasps]

Robotic scorpion: [continues climbing] [then jumps and grabs her tail]

Brian: Nyx! Kick him off!

Nyx: I can’t!

Robotic scorpion: [raises his left pincher]

Brian: Do it, now!

Nyx: [sees what’s about to happen and kicks the scorpion, which lets go of Nyx’s tail and falls and is impelled on a sharp rock]

Brian: Well, he's terminated.

Nyx: Yeah.

Percy: [transforms and pulls them up]

Nyx: That was close.

Brian: Hey, Nyx. I’m sorry for blaming all of this on you, lately.

Nyx: It’s fine. For now, let's get out of here. Before other creations of Dread Steam come in.

[With Pooh and the warrior]

Pooh: Say I hope you have ideas to get out of here.

Cruncher: [shakes his head]

Pooh: Bother! Are you sure?

Cruncher: [touches Pooh's forehead and speaks psychic] I can't go out because I'm scared.

Pooh: Scared? Why?

Cruncher: [touches his forehead] I'm scared of light. I don't know what the sun even feels like. So I put up that lamb and that sign, and I make people scared so they won't take me out there.

Pooh:You don't have to be afraid, it's easy to put your fear aside.

Cruncher: [touches his forehead] No, it's not. I'm a coward.

Pooh: Besides the Train-Prime need our help.

Cruncher: [touches his forehead] You know a living Train-Prime?

Pooh: Yes, the Ultratron killed him. And now we're trying to bring him back with the crystal, that's why we're here. Even all those ponies, trains, and others.

Cruncher: [pounders] [transforms into his train form and bashes the wall]

Pooh: [backs up a little]

Cruncher: [blows his whistle as "Breakout from Dinosaur" plays]

Pooh: [hops in his cab when he backs up and charged again]

Cruncher: [bashes the wall]

[Cruncher continues to bash the wall, and then breaks loose]

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