This is how the Tracy Brothers meet the Thunderbots in Thunderbots Are Go.

[we view Optimus Prime and the Tracy Brothers in a corridoor, walking side by side. Prime turns to them]

Optimus Prime: So, you five are operators of Thunderbirds 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5?

Virgil Tracy: You bet ya.

Optimus: Well, we have a little surprise for you. [steps back to reveal the Thunderbirds, now all robots]

Gordon Tracy: Whoa!

Optimus: Tracy Brothers, I want you to meet the Thunderbots.

Scott Tracy: Wait! So, you turned our vessels into robots. So what?

Optimus: Scott Tracy, I would like you to meet your new partner, Thruster. Also known as Thunderbird 1, I presume.

Scott: Afermative.

Thruster: Nice to meet ya, kiddo. [holds out a finger for a shake]

Scott: Whoa! Easy!

Thruster: Oh. [laughs nervously] Sorry.

[Scott frowns]

Optimus: Virgil Tracy, you will be partnered with Boulder. Also known as Thunderbird 2.

Virgil Tracy: Whoa! You sure are a big fella.

Boulder: Trust me, kid. I was built this way.

Optimus: Alan Tracy, I'd like you to meet Xeller-8. Also known as Thunderbird 3.

Alan Tracy: You are so cool!

Xeller-8: Yeah. I know.

Optimus: Gordon Tracy, your new partner is Aquat-X. Also known as Thunderbird 4.

Gordon: Nice to meet you, Aquat-X!

Aquat-X: Nice to meet you too, dude!

Optimus: And finally John Tracy, you are partnered with P.I.X.A.L. Also known as Thunderbird 5.

John Tracy: Wow!

P.I.X.A.L: Nice to meet you.

Scott: Look, Prime, I know you're trying to help us out. But how am I supposed rescue people when I'm stuck with a robot that once a rocket.

Optimus: Control your temper, Scott. I see you don't know how to compete with Autobots.

Scott: Yeah. But sometimes, I can't compete with others.

Thruster: You know, kid, sometimes you've gotta learn things the hard way.

Scott: There's no way I'm listening to you.

[the alarm sounds]

Optimus: Ratchet, what's the problem?

Ratchet: There are more Predacons. We need the Thunderbots out there.

Optimus: Alright, Thunderbots. This may very well be your first mission. Stay true to who you are and what your job is.

Scott: Uhm, Prime? They already know who they are and what their job is.

James: Scott, what did Optimus tell you?

Scott: [sighs] To control my temper.

John: Thunderbots are go!

Alan: Nice catchphrase, John!

John: Thanks, Alan!

Thruster: Thunderbots, fly out!

[The Thunderbots transform into vehicle mode]

Optimus: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

[The Thunderbots fly off]

Ratchet: Thunderbots are go!

James: Scott can't cope with these things sometimes.

Optimus: I know. But he will have to learn.

Thomas: Yes. We know.

[Up in the air, the Thunderbots are flying]

Thruster: Keep up, guys. I can't wait to battle some Predacreeps.

Aquat-X: Yeah. Let's make those dudes dive.

Boulder: Guys, Virgil and I are picking up two Predacon energy signatures nearby in New York City.

Gordon: Then, we'd better head over there as soon as possible. Who's knows what damage they've alreay done.

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