This is a scene where Doogal, Thomas, Twilight and their friends were chased by Zeebad, Chrysalis and Sam in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Doogal.

Ermintrude: Oh slow down! You're making my milk curdle.

Sir Handel: Are you kidding? We're moving at a snail's pace.

Ermintrude: A snail's pace is just fine with me.

Brian: Oh, Ermintrude. That's the nicest thing you ever said.

Dylan: Relax, Doogie. Soon, this whole crazy trip will be behind us.

Mixed-Up Skeleton Guards: YAAAHH!!!

Doogal: Behind us!

Dylan: That's what I said, man.

Doogal: No. Look! Behind us!

Mixed-Up Skeleton Guards: You can't leave!

Applejack: FASTER!

Train: Heads up!

Duncan: I always wanted to be a roller coaster!

Rheneas: Oof!

Dylan: Whoa! Talk about a near-death experience, I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel!

Doogal: That is the light at the end of the Tunnel, we're gonna be alright! And Zeebad and Queen Chrysalis are still trapped in the temple!

Skarloey: I hate to break it toyou, but Zeebad and Queen Chrysalis are right behind us!

Rusty: In a driller train!

Zeebad: Where's my third diamond?!

Sam: Very assertive sir!

Ermintrude: Oh no!

Rainbow Dash: CAN YOU GO FASTER?!

Thomas: I'll puff hardest! I'll chuff quickest! I know I can!

Rheneas: Whoa!

Train: Hang on!

Rheneas: Whoa! Oh!

Ermintrude: Somebody pull a lever or press a button or something!

Pinkie Pie: I know! Push the green button with the picture of the spring on it! Maybe it'll speed us up!

Dylan: Looks green.


Dylan: Or it could be an ejector seat.


(Thump! thump!)

Zeebad, What was that? I think we've been hit!

Brian: Where am I? I have been blinded!

Fluttershy: Oh no! We'll never make it to the merry-go-round now!

Zeebad: Huh? So that's where they're headed, The carousal! And that is where I'll find my 3rd and final diamond! (Laughs) So long slime ball and stupid scaredy pegasus!

Fluttershy: Oh my! We're on Zeebad's train!

Zeedbad: Sam, we have a prisinor up there; we need to dispose of.

Sam: Dispose the prisoner? We can't do that, sir! Geneva convention sir!

Queen Chrysalis: Listen, we don't care if it's a Star Trek convention or a Transformers convention! Just doas you're told!

Zeebad: Beam him out!

Brian: HELP! HELP!



Twi: But where?!

Rheneas: There's a bridge ahead!

Luke; Quick! Grab Fluttershy and Brain as they go under us!

Brian: Whoa!

Ermintrude: OW!

Dylan: Sorry about that.

Brian: Ermintrude. You saved me!

Pinkie Pie: Sorry for getting you thrown off, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: Just don't do it again.

Sir Handel: They're still behind us!

Applejack: Well, let's put some miles between us and them!

Twilight: You heard her speed up!

Zeebad: We're gonna lose this race to Thomas the Tank Engine?

Queen Chrysalis: Or his narrow gauge stooges?

Zeebad: I don't think so! More coal!

Sam: Shoveling as fast as I can, sir!

Peter Sam: (GASPS) The tracks are crossing dead ahead!

Zeebad: Fine! Now it's time to stck it to the man!

Queen Chrysalis: Open the regulator Zeebad!

Zeebad: Right away your highness!


Sam: Sir, the pressure! It's too much!

Zeebad: Sam, I know! Not to get all Dr.Phil on ya, but you need balance on your life or you'll just explode!

Queen Chrysalis: Zeebad's right. You need to learn to take it easy and not explode.

Sam: Funny you should say that you 2.


Ermintrude: Ooh, the little blue man just blew up!

Rainbow Dash: Phew! That was close!

Train: That's the good news and the bad news is... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!



Pinkie Pie: I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Rainbow Dash: No you can't.

All: Whoa! Ahh! OOF!

Dylan: I'm fine i broke the fall with my face.

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