This is how the Train Chase goes in Thomas' Toy Adventure 3.

[Opening titles: Thomas' Toy Adventure 3]

[We view a train running along a train track in the desert and James (playing the Deceptitrain Red Bullet) comes out]

James: This money is mine!

Unknown voice: I don't think so.

James: Who's said that?

[Something fires a blue energy beam at him knocking him over]

James: Ow!

[Thomas appears and puts his foot on James]

Thomas: You've got a date with justice, Red Bullet. You shouldn't take things that don't belong to you.

James: Stop calling my name!

[Thomas fight James]

James: Ow! But it doesn't matter, I have a new ally, Hey Kool-Aid!

[Kool-aid man appears]

Kool-Aid man: Oh yeah!

[Rarity (playing Raritron) appears]

Thomas: Oh, the Kool-aid guy and Raritron?

[Raritron and Kool-Ad man attack Thomas but misses and makes him teeter on the edge of the cabooz]

Ryan F-Freeman:[catches Thomas] I think you forgot the Prime-prince, villains.

James: Ryan?!

Matau T. Monkey: And Matau.

Thomas: Give it up, Red Bullet. You've reached the end of the line.

James: Tirek and I always wanted to go out in a bang.

[Tirek appears and gives James the remote which will detonate the TNT on the bridge]

[James presses it and it does]

Tirek: How's that, Prince Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh, no!

Matau T. Monkey: The orphans!!

[Troll toys stick their heads out the windows]

James: I don't want to leave early, but our ride is here!

[Vehicons appear in jet mode]

Ryan F-Freeman: Vehicons. Why does it always have to be Vehicons?

James: It's us or the kids, Prime-prince. Take your pick.

[James laughs evilly as he and his comrades jump onto the Vehicons and fly away]

Ryan F-Freeman: C'mon, Thomas! Let's save the kids!

Thomas: Right. Fly like the wind, Toothless.

Matau T. Monkey: Yah!

[Toothless flies to the front of the train and sees the Cyberlings trying to stop it]

Thomas: Let me handle this, guys. Get out now!

Evil Ryan: Ok, Thomas. Follow me![jumps onto Toothless]

[Evil Anna follows Evil Ryan and Bertram flies to Ryan]

Thomas: Hold him steady. [jumps into the cab and starts working the brakes]

Evil Anna: Hurry, Thomas! My friends and I don't want to get fired!

[Thomas pushes the brake hard and the wheels stop moving but the train itself doesn't]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh, no! The train's not stopping.

[the train continues across the bridge and Toothless lands near the edge of the cliff and the train falls off the track, with Thomas still inside]

Matau T. Monkey: No. Thomas..[cries]

[Suddenly, there's a flash of blue light. The Train rises up with Optimus Prime and Crash Bandicoot holding it]

Ryan F-Freeman: Optimus?

Optimus Prime: Glad Crash and I catch the train!

Crash Bandicoot: Now let's get the bad guys!

Optimus Prime: Okay!

Crash Bandicoot: Let's roll!

[James and his allies pass a sign that says "Outlaws hide-out welcome"]

Tirek: Oh baby. We're almost there!

[he saw Crash's Keyblade and Optimus' Keyblade slices the Vehicons in half and they fall on the ground]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ready to surrender, Red Bullet?

Tirek: You and your friends can't touch us, Ryan. I brought One-Eyed Bart's attack dog with a built-in force field!

[Tirek whistles then Slinky Dog shows up]

Slinky Dog:[growls]

James: Try to top that.

[Slinky grabs his tail with his mouth and a force field appears around James and his allies]

Matau T. Monkey: Well, Tirek, my master brought Woody's dinosaur who eats force-field dogs!

Ryan F-Freeman: May the Cyberlings and I do the honors, Matau?

Matau T. Monkey: Ok, Master Ryan. Do it!

[Ryan and the Cyberlings stats to vocalize and Spike the dragon pops out of the ground and roars at James and his allies]

Ryan F-Freeman: A dragon? Well it's better then a dinosaur I suppose.

[Spike roars again then saw something up in the sky]

Thomas: What's that?

Matau T. Monkey: [points to the sky] LOOK!

Ryan F-Freeman: It can't be!

[They saw a Decepticon ship called the Nemesis flying above]

Ryan F-Freeman:[in Peter Venkman's voice] Now there's somethin' ya don't see everyday.

Thomas: Megatron! I knew you had something to do with it!

Megatron: Yes. I have turned your friend Sci-Twi into Midnight Sparkle. Behold!!!

[Megatron releases a changed Midnight Sparkle]

Matau T. Monkey: Sci-Twi! What happened to you?

[Ryan summons his Keyblade and gets ready to fight]

Midnight Sparkle: Alright. Show me your magic. All of it!

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Midnight Sparkle. I'll show you what I got. Initiate plan Z![transforms into Dark Ryan F-Freeman]

[Midnight gasps and fights Dark Ryan]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Midnight! Why are you working for Megatron?

Dalek Emperor: Protect Midnight Sparkle. Exterminate hostile life forms!

[Daleks move in to attack]

Midnight Sparkle: Get them!

Megatron: Starscream, send in the monkeys.

Spike the dog: Twilight!

[Midnight looks at Spike and her eyes change to Sci-Twi's eyes]

Sci-Twi: Spike.

[Dark Ryan flies towards Sci-Twi as her eyes change back to Midnight's]

Midnight Sparkle: Dark Ryan?

[Dark Ryan fires Magic at her]

Midnigh Sparkle: NOOOO!!!!!!

[During all this, Starscream pressed a button that reads "Death by Monkeys" and a giant barrel drops out onto the ground]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Run, Midnight!

[Midnight, who has been freed from Megatron's control, runs and catches up with the fleeing Thomas, Crash Bandicoot, Optimus Prime and the others as the Daleks chase them and the barrel explodes releasing lots of Monkeys from Toy Story which trample Spike. Tirek grabs Dark Ryan and the monkeys caught the others]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Hey! Watch the tail, Tirek! I'll have you banished!

[The monkeys stretch the others out and Kool-aid man's finger looms over a button with the skull and cross-bones on it and he says oh yeah repeatedly as the heroes close their eyes while Dark Ryan struggles to free himself from Tirek's grasp. In reality, James, Kool-aid man, Rarity, Megatron and the others are being played with by Pumpkin Cake]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Midnight! I'll hypnotize that Dalek and shoot Optimus at his chest!

Pumpkin Cake: [voicing Thomas] Ryan! No! It'll kill you!

Pumpkin Cake: [voicing Matau T. Monkey] Just do it, Master Ryan!

Pumpkin Cake: [voicing a Dalek] Exterminate! Exterminate!

[Pumpkin uses her hoof to mime the shot]

Pimpkin Cake: [voicing Dark Ryan F-Freeman] Wow![makes him grab a mirror and reflects the shot]

[Pumpkin mimes the shot hitting the Nemesis, which is made from a carboard box]

Pumpkin Cake: [voicing Tirek] Argh! Curse you, Prince Ryan!

[Her mom comes in with a recording camera]

Pumpkin Cake: [voicing Dark Ryan F-Freeman] I have you now, Tirek. [turns to her mom] Mom?

Mrs. Cake: No, you can keep playing, just pretend I'm not here.

[Her brother, Pound Cake, knocks over the model rails she built]

Mrs. Cake: Oh, no! Pound Cake.

Pumpkin Cake: It's ok, Mom. It's Lizzie from Rampage and she's on a rampage. Run for your lives!!

[Pound Cake continues to walk around the room and their mom looks at the camera]

Mrs. Cake: The red light beam is blinking?

[On Pound's birthday while the song You got a friend in me play in the background]

Mrs. Cake: Say happy birthday to Pound Cake.

Pumpkin Cake: [with her mouth full] Happy Birthday.

Mrs. Cake: Oh, charming.

Pumpkin Cake:[shows Ryan and Tirek to the camera and waves their hands] Happy Birthday.

[Cut to Pumpkin getting taller and she is doing some with her toys with some names in order: Thomas, James, Crash Bandicoot, and serval others. Later she plays with them and then spins onto the bed with Thomas in her arms. The screen then fades to black]

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