The Trolley Fighters (without the General)
The Trolley Fighters
is an army Squadron of engines, of who General Dedrich is the General.


Before WWI General Dedrich signed up to join the European Army and requested to start his on Squadron after his extreme amount of training.In which he got four trolley engines and four BR86 tank engines.


General Dedrich trained ever one of the engines he received. Then soon his new members received their weapons he designed then they set off for the war. They sent off for France and made their own trenches for fighting. Then when the Germans came forth, they drew fire and took out 2000 solders that day. Then one day, when a tank squadron came into their territory, General Dedrich and his collages took them all out with their rocket launcher and bomb deployers. After the first World War ended, Dedrich and his squadron earned the golden star, and named their squadron "The Trolley Fighters."


Soon, before the second World War began, Hitler and his army took down France. When General Dedrich got news of this, he and The Trolley Fighters set off for Britain. When Hitler's army began to attack Britain, General Dedrich led his squadron into the army and took out the pecks of the army entering. Then when the German bombers began flying above Britain, the Trolley Fighters began sending them down with their rocket launchers. Then General Dedrich and the Trolley Fighters set off for Berlin to spy on Hitler and his army to find out what they were up to, after receiving the vital information, they sent it to the British Army and the Soviet Union. Then after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the Trolley Fighters headed straight for Japan. When they arrived, they began to disable the Japanese army's aircraft carriers and blew up all the bombers prepared to attack. the Trolley Fighters then joined the Battle of Coral Sea and they helped fight the Japanese and managed to destroy the peck of the army. Then they help transport the bomb to the allies to drop on Japan. When the Japanese surrendered, the Trolley Fighters received a lot of medals for they help during WWII.

Korean War

Vietnam War

Cold war


  • Leadwing
  • Thunderman
  • Aftershock
  • Armor-Raid
  • Sharp-Shoot
  • Eagle-Eye
  • Cross-hair
  • Skope
  • Boomer
  • Bomber
  • Blastin
  • Cooper
  • Medmen
  • Scalpel



Demolition soldiers




  • M1903A4 Springfield rifle
  • Lee Enfield No. 1 MK.III
  • M14 rifle
  • B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle)
  • AKM assault rifle
  • M16A1 assault rifle

Machine Guns

  • Zaner Printer
  • Vickers machine gun
  • Lewis machine gun
  • Bren light machine gun
  • Thompson sub-machine gun "Model 1921 and Model M1A1"
  • British Sten sub-machine gun
  • Browning M1919 A4 machine gun
  • Browning AN/M2 .50
  • Valmet M78
  • M60 Machine gun
  • GE M134 Gatling guns

Explosive weapons

  • Super Bazooka
  • RPG-7
  • M203 grenade launcher (often attached to rifle)
  • 16 inch Anti-Artillery turret



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