Squatt & Jyuken spies on the six teens & Our Heroes as they play basketball & soccer in the park. Jyuken, He and Baboo plan on surprising them with their very own monster. As Rita & Nyanma naps at the palace, Jyuken, Baboo and Squatt sneak into Finster's lab & Rouran's Time Shifter Room. Baboo & Jyuken reveals a clay turtle. Squatt puts objects - a baseball and a bat, a hook, brass knuckles and a tiny cannon - into the monster machine along with the turtle. Out pops Shellshock & A Time Shifter That Is A Chipmunk With A Style Of An Artist And His Name Is Plumella.

The Putties surprise Our Heroes & the Rangers on the basketball court, but the fight doesn't last long. Tommy excuses himself for karate practice. Bulk and Skull tease Jason, Bakumaru, Kimberly, Cream and Zack on the court. It ends with Bulk and Skull colliding with a rolling hot dog cart. Jyuken Baboo and Squatt hide in the bushes with Shellshock & Plumella before being spotted. The Rangers morph. Shellshock uses his green light ray on Yellow Ranger & Plumella Transforms Pochiro & Pakaracchi Into Potraits. She runs off and can't stop moving. Our Heroes & The other four Rangers take on Shellshock & Plumella, who freezes the Blue, Black and Pink Rangers. Just before Shellshock & Plumella-con can use its cannon on them, Red Ranger & Bakumaru jumps in the way and shoots the monster with his Blade Blaster. Shellshock & Plumella disappears with Jyuken,Baboo and Squatt.

Goldar tells his comrades that they shouldn't have made a monster and send a time shifter without Rita & Nyanma's consent. However, Rita & Nyanma wakes up and are ecstatic over the news of Shellshock & Plumella.

The frozen Rangers & The Potraits Of Pochiro & Pakaracchi are taken to the Command Center. Zordon & Aura says that a Deandra flower can reverse the effects, and has already told Trini Along With Tart, Cream, Souffle, Gaou, And Monk to find it at the Mountain of Hope.

Rita & Nyanma makes Shellshock & Plumella a giant and it attacks the city. Red Ranger & Our Heroes fights it with his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. & Kirinda With The Help Of Artie-Master & Eldora-Master Eventually the Green Ranger shows up with the Dragonzord & Orbit-Master. With guidance from the spirit of her Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord, Yellow Ranger & The Others finds the Deandra. She sprinkles its pollen on top of the giant Shellshock. The other Rangers are released from the ray's effect And Also From The Frozen Potraits Of Pochiro & Pakaracchi and the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord & Kirinda & Artie-Master, Eldora-Master & Orbit-Master finishes off Shellshock And With The Help Of Bakumaru's Revealing Mirror Brings Plumella To The Good Side.

Our Friends & The six have another basketball game. Billy wows everyone with a slam dunk in a one on one match with Zack & Drago.


While The Guys Play Basketball

Bakumaru: Pochiro, This Was Because Your Pass Was Horrible.

Pochiro: If It Were Me, I Would've Been Able To Recieve That Pass.

Bakumaru: That's like Saying That We'Are Idiots For Missing Your Pass!

Pochiro: It's Not like, That's Exactly What I'm Saying!

Dave Felis:What?!

Pochiro: Want To Try Me?! In A Fight

Pooh: Um Guys

Pooh And The Others Try To Hide

Dave Felis: Hey Guys Why Are You Hiding In Those Leafs

Pooh: You Better Don't Ask Us Dave

Tigger: Say I Think It's Time To Ask A Certain Beautiful Lady On Your Backs

Bakumaru: What Are You Talking About?

Bakumaru, Pochiro & Dave Spooked

Tart: I Think Tigger Refers Me You Guys Don't You Have Something You Need to Say Before That?

Rabbit: Excuse Us A Minute Okay

Bakumaru And The Others Screams

Bakumaru & The Others: We're Sorry


Tart begins to chase bakumaru & the others

Cream: Yeah, Tart is definitely Tart No Matter What.

Bulk & Skull Appears

Bulk: Game's Over Wimp Boys This Is Our Space

Jason: Yeah And Thats Our Space Too And That's Our Ball

Bulk: Ah Your Ball Is It Mommy Said We Can't Fight For It

Bulk & Skull Laughs

Cream: You Guys Are So Funny Why You Don't Come Back To The Circus When You Come From

Skull: Hey Bulk Circus Really Flipped Out

Bulk: That Was An Insult You Bubblebrain And Now Pay For IT!

Bulk Holds Cream & Kimberly

Pochiro: Hey That's No Way To Treat To Ladies

Zack: Let Her Go Man

Jason: NOW!

Bakumaru: You Heard Him Slimebucket

Bulk: Skull

Bulk Launches Kimberly & Cream To Skull

Cream: Hey Boys!

Cream & Kimberly Launchs Bulk & Skull To The Hotdog Wagon

Everyone Laughs

Skull: Tasty!

Zack: Now Thats When I Call Hot Dogs With Everything On It

Everyone Laughs

Tart: We Didn't Order Those Dorkheads

Hot Dog Vendor: Hey Somebody Is Going To Pay That

Bulk: Money You Have Any Money

Hot Dog Vendor: I Think It's Going For You Guys For 2 Weeks For Pay Me The Damages

The Ending Scene

Bakumaru: First Time?

Pochiro: This Was My Very First Time Playing Soccer

Pochiro: And Aiming At Tart's Face Was A Good Practice

Tart Sound His Knuckles

Tart: Then You Aimed And Hit Your Mark

Tart: By The Way Boys You Better Retreat

Dave Felis: Right Right Now You'Re Right Sweetheart We Should Go Now Don't You Think Guys

Bakumaru: That's Great Dave That's Great

They Run Faster And Zipped

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