The Trouble with George the Steamroller is the fourth episode of the third season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Yuna must make sure George behaves himself while he makes roads across any rails.

Taking George to the construction site

Smudger had to take George to the construction site so he can work hard making the roads on top of rails.

George ripping off the rails/Gator's accident

Later, Yuna and Dusty told Smudger to ingore and don't listen to George. Meanwhile, Gator had to deliver some tar trucks, Suddenly, He had a very sticky accident.

Yuna told Spencer all about George/Stepney and Spencer's accident

Later, Yuna told Spencer all about George. Meanwhile, George was taken to the yards to work and blocked Stepney's way and the frieght car was stuck on the mainline, Then Spencer came and mistakenly forced a frieght car by accident.

Princess Celestia found out/George's punishment

Princess Yuna explained to her Aunt, Princess Celestia about the problem in Sodor, When a message came, She found out that George was cause of all damages, As punishment, George will have to spend three days in the shed without making any roads. As three days gone by, George apologized to the engines he caused the problems on and they forgave him and he learned a very good lesson about rails and roads are equal.


  • This episode is based on Thomas and Friends episode, Bye George!.


  1. Babs Seed (George the Steamroller version) - Yuna and her friends

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