Sparx and Gibson has made it out of the Portal

Both: Antuari!

The Portal is gone and they are gonna leave the city

???: Leaving so soon?

They saw a Skeleton Monkey

Sparx: We have enough of your Chit-chat!

???: But I was getting started with you, Sparx. You're strong enough now to fulfil your purpose. So what are waiting for? Join me right now. Become the Blade of Power.

Gibson: Sparx?

Sparx: No way. I can't. Skeleton King told us, the only way the Blade of Power can be forged is if you and me fight. And for that. I'm not gonna fight.

Gibson: He's right. We have Enough.

???: You used to be too broken to talk back.

Then Sparx head is hurting

Gibson: Spark!

Flashback has started

Sparx and Mandarin are fighting in Sparx's Station of Awakening

Sparx: Mandarin! Stop this! I'm not gonna hurt my team!

Mandarin: No. It is because you are trying to hold back from the Fire of Hate. Let the dark impulses wake him the pit of your heart. Release them, here and now! Sharpen your fear into rage. After that! I'll put my other Heart into you. So you can have the darkness inside you! And with it! You'll become powerful like me! So you can defeat Skeleton King! So we can forged the Blade of Power!

Sparx: No! I'm not letting you or the Darkness take over me! And I won't let it happen!

Mandarin: Very well, when all your heart's has been turned into darkness. You're heart will never find the light again!

He knocked him out

Mandarin: Now. It's time for me to put my other Heart to you.

A ray of darkness has been flowing into Sparx's Heart and the ray of light has been flowing into Mandarin's heart and now their other hearts has been switch, And then Sparx has been lying Unconscious

Mandarin: Looks like my other heart has went inside of your heart. And now, you're heart and your light will be turned into Darkness!

He unleashed the Power Darkness around Sparx's Heart


Gibson: Are you alright?

Sparx: I am.

???: Fine. Then I'll give you a reason to fight. 

Both: What?

???: Come and get me, Sparx... At the one and only place to spawn the blade of Power the Warrior Graveyard. And there you will see me kill the life out of Antuari, Nova and Otto.

He went to the Portal

Both: Wait!

Then the Portal is gone

Gibson: What should we do now?

Sparx: We have to go there.

He look at his Wayfinder

Sparx: Antuari... Nova... Otto... I will put an end to Mandarin and Skeleton King.

They went to the Warrior Graveyard

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