The Tug Bigg City Marathon is a new movie. It is base off the movie: "Planes".


Ten Cents wants to compete in the Bigg City Marathon tug race. But his dreams of competing are crushed by Top Hat and Captain Star. Now, Ten Cents has to win the race with the help of his friends.


Ten Cent's Daydream

Ten Cents daydreams of being a famous racer. But he is awoken from it by Top Hat. Top Hat scolds Ten Cents for daydreaming and says that he is not built to race but to work as a ship.

A Surprise for Ten Cents

Ten Cents is sad that he can't take part in the race anymore, but Grampus shows up, telling Ten Cents that Captain Star has some urgent news for him. Captain Star tells Ten Cents that he can go to the marathon after all. He explains that a visiting tugboat was disqualified for using an illegal fuel intake. Ten Cents and Sunshine head to Ryan's clubhouse where Ryan and the Dazzlings are singing with the Cyberlings.




  • Race With You
  • Everything is Awesome
  • You'll Be Surprised
  • I'm Full of Surprises

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