Here's how the USS Missouri strikes in Wrath of the Century.

[Then out at sea]

[we see the USS Missouri out at sea]

Brian: The Missouri!

[Some of our heroes hop on it]

Alex Hopper: What's happening?

Brian: Robots, droids, and this. [shows the battle] Can you help us?

Alex Hopper: Drop port anchor!

[they do so and the anchor drops into the sea as the chain starts reeling out]

Vinny: We're gonna die!

Alex Hopper: Yeah, we're gonna die.

[the chain continues reeling out]

Alex Hopper: You're gonna die, I'm gonna die.

[the chain continues reeling out]

Alex hopper: We're all gonna die.

[the chain continues reeling out]

Alex Hopper: Just not today.

[the chain then gets taught and the ship does a sharp turn]

Top Hat: Let's drop some led, on those mother...

Alex Hopper: FIRE!!!

[all the turrets fire and they start destroying many of the droids]

Alex Hopper: Reload! Reload!

[the crew reload the turrets]

Alex Hopper: Release the anchor!

[the left anchor chain is released and the chain falls into the sea]

Alex Hopper: Hit it!

[The turrets fire at the droids and robots again]

[several droids and robots are destroyed by the dozen]

[Then the Trade Federation starships took off]

Brian: Concentrate all your fire, on the nearest pillar!

Alex Hopper: Yes sir! [to Clone Troopers] For all coordinates to sector 515.

[All turrets fired at the pillar is hit and it falls]

Sentinel Prime: NOOO!!!!

[Cybertron transformation stops]

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