The US Cavalry Engines are an army of engines that work for the US Cavalry.
US Cavalry engines

The US Cavalry Engines


When the Civil war first broke out, Steamy, Evan, Puffy, and their beavers joined the war, but at first, things didn't go so well. Namely, the enemy side had their squadarn in ruins, it seemed like they weren't going to win. But then a squadarn engines came up and offered to help them, in which the western engines accepted.

Civil War

The engines that came up to the western engines introduced themselves as the US Cavalry Engines. These engines, lead by Captain Berdin "Blu Star" had 200 memebers in the whole army. With their help, Steamy, Evan, Puffy, and their beavers had a better chance against the enemy. The Cavalry engines' had better weaponary and used they charging tantics against the enemy lines. When the Civil War ended the US Cavalry Engines decided to live in the town where the old weaten engines and beavers do now, in case anyone tried to take over.

Spanish-American War

Then when the Spanish-Amercian War broke out,

Attack of the Changlings and Cy-bugs


  • Springfield Model 1873 Carbine rifle
  • 1896 Krag Carbine Rifle
  • .45 Colt Single Action Army "Cavalry" Revolver
  • Cavalry Saber
  • Gatling Gun
  • M1985 Colt-Browning "Potato Digger" machine gun
  • Hotchkiss Revolving Artilery Cannon



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