This is how The Unnamed Villain attempts to escape goes in The Cutie Map Part 2.

[The ponies and Autobots stand together]

Penelope Starfire: Stand back, everyone!

[Penelope Starfire blows the vault apart, releasing the cutie marks, symbols, and hero cores]

Rarity: Even without my cutie mark, I can tell this is beautiful!

Starlight Glimmer: You never had a doubt.

[Meanwhile, the Unnamed Villain is ready to make his escape]

Unnamed Villain: Those heroes think they can come to my town and disrupt my friendship? Let's see how the seven equines like spending the rest of their lives without their precious cutie marks.

[The Unnamed Villain takes Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Starlight Glimmer's cutie marks in jars and runs off]


Furno: Stand back, everyone!

[Furno blows the door open and the ponies search around]

Fluttershy: They're gone! They were right over there!

Ratchet: I do not understand.

Rainbow Dash: Look!

Arcee: What is it?

[Riley Silverspeed blows up balloons and sees the Unnamed Villain with the Cutie Marks running towards a cavern]

Riley Silverspeed: He's headed for the pass. If he makes it into those mountains, we'll never find him!

Sally Space-Sprint: I know a shortcut. We can cut him off.

[They follow her]

[Meanwhile, the Unnamed Villain continues to run]

Unnamed Villain: They'll never catch up to me this way.

[Suddenly, he sees the citizens of the town behind him]

Unnamed Villain: Are you really trying to outsmart me here? Are you all so willing to give up everything because of these strangers?!

[Jack Bolt shoots him down]

Jack Bolt: We gave everything up for you because we thought you were our friend.

[The Unnamed Villain destroys the bridge, but Riley Silverspeed creates a new one and they race after him]

[Back in town]

Rainbow Dash: I can't believe we have to count on these other ponies, Autobots, and Hero Factory Heroes to save our cutie marks!

Arcee: You can say that again.

Twilight Sparkle: If we hadn't come here to help them, they'd still be living under his rules! Now it's their turn to help us!

Optimus Prime: I agree.

Fluttershy: And I know they can do it!

Ratchet: Uh-huh.

[The townsfolk still chase the Unnamed Villain]

Jessie Sparkleflake: My newest recipe – snow pie!

[In town]

Rainbow Dash: He's gonna get away!

Arcee: No he won't!

[The townsfolk are still chasing the Unnamed Villain]

Philip Shape-Skin: Whoa! These are my old skis! This is where I first met my creator, Stormer.

Samuel Twister: Maybe you can reminisce another time! He's almost to the caves!

Sadie Flashback: Feel like an air drop?

[The Unnamed Villain is nearly in the caves until he is cut off by a snowslide]

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