This how the Vehicon chase goes and Emily encounters Gon in Rise of the Train Heroes Parts 1 & 2.

[We view a couple of Vehicons driving along in their vehicles modes]

Vehicon #1: I've never seen Lord Hunter so riled up. We have to find Emily.

Vehicon #2: Yeah. And fast.

[Elsewhere on Sodor]

Emily: [sighs] What a lovely day. There's nothing better than to make a sterling engine like me feel relaxed.

[The Vehicons show up]

Vehicon #3: There she is!

Vehicon #4: Get her!

Emily: HELP!

[Suddenly, a train with blue and white paint transforms in front of Emily and saves her]

Gon: Come with me, if you wanna live.

Emily: Who are you?

Gon: My name is Gon. [turns to Emily] And I swear, no matter what happens, I will protect you.

[Gon transforms back into his train form and he and Emily race away. The Vehicons chase them]

Emily: Gon! Who are they?

Gon: Vehicons! They work for Hunter!

Emily: Hunter? As in the "Deceptitrain" Hunter!?

Gon: Yes! They've been after me all this time!

Emily: Thanks for saving me back there!

Gon: You're welcome!

[The Vehicons stay hot on their tenders. Gon shoots back at them but the Vehicons stay in hot pursute]

Emily: Are you trying to distract them?

Gon: Probably! Just keep following me and you'll be safe.

Emily: Why?

Gon: I'll tell you later. Just keep chuffing.

Emily: Okay!

[they keep on chuffing until Gon spots an empty siding]

Gon: We can hide in that siding! Follow me!

Emily: Alright! [follows Gon]

[they rush into it as the Vehicons race pass]

Gon: Okay. They're gone.

Emily: I don't know how I can thank you enough. Anyways, why are you here, Gon?

Gon: I've been sent here to find a certain blue tank engine.

Emily: You're talking about Thomas, aren't you?

Gon: Yes.

Emily: Why?

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