This is when the villains see Tino in Destiny Hearts.

(An orb with Tino, and Humans Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy inside, turn out to be the villains were watching)

Kurumu Kurono: Well, well, looks like that kid took down one of our best Commonless. Whould've thought it, huh guys?

Shredder: Such is the power of the Keyblades. The boy's strength is not his own.

Sheer: If he was able to take down a boss-level Commonless at his current strength level, then why don't we bring him to our side and make him serve us instead? That would settle things quick enough in my opinion.

Spectre: It sounds like a good idea.

Grizzle: And not to mention the brat's friends are really the queen's lackeys! They all have to be stopped before they can take any of us down! I don't know about you boys, but I really don't wanna be gutted by any of those freaks!

Aria Blaze: Those freaks? Grizzle honey, you ain't a valuable prize yourself!

Grizzle: Shut up!

Puppetmon: You can't tell her to be quiet!

Adagio Dazzle: No you be quiet! Tino, will be ours forever!

Bowser: That's enough!

(They looked at Bowser, sitting on his throne.)

Bowser Jr.: Papa, wants to tell all of you about something.

Bowser: Now listen you runts! This brat ain't like other Keyblade Wielders since the magical force that controls the Keyblades chose him to wield it instead of any other Keyblade Master choosing him. So what if he either defeats the darkness or just lets it eat him up? Who cares? Like it or not, that kid could be the very ticket we need to getting what we want after all...

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