Here's how the deaths of the villains goes in Weekenders Adventures of I, Robot.

Liliana: [moans]

Godou: What's wrong Liliana?

Liliana: [holding her stomach] The baby is coming.

Blossom: What?!

Lois: Oh, my God! Guys we need to hurry!

General Dedrich: Go on!

Percy: We have no time to lose.

Tino: Right. Roary, Theodore, Emmet, you and the others take Liliana and the baby save from danger. Brian and I will hold off the villains.

Theodore: Right away!

Littlefoot: We will.

Brian: Good!

Godou: This way!

Sue: Damn you Facilier! [Takes the charm]

Facilier: [gasps]

Sunset Shimmer: [smashes the charm with a hammer]

Facilier: No! No! Gah!! How am I going to pay back my dept! [gasps] Friends!

Spirits: ARE YOU READY?!!

Facilier: No! I’m not ready at all! In fact I’ve got lots of more plans!

Spirits: ARE YOU READY?!!

Facilier: This is just a…mindless send back and a major operation…AAA!!!… Once I look for another spell we’ll be back in business! I still got that stupid kid locked away… I just need a little more time. [gasps] No! Don’t please no! GAH!!! Just a little more time! I’d promised I’ll pay yawl back I promise! [screams]

[A gravestone of Dr. Facilier appeared]

[just then, Ernie came and tries to shot Tino]

Brian: TINO!! Look out! [grabs Tino]

Ernie: It's over, Tonitini and Griffin. The human race is about to be extinct! There's nothing you guys can do about it.

Brian: How's THIS!!! [grabs Ernie] Now Tino!

Tino: Right! RAAAAAAIIIIIIINBOOOOOOOOOOOW BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! [blasts an powerful rainbow at Ernie, killing him]

Tino: Oh yeah!! [hi-fives Brian]

Willy: You guys did it.

Brian: Not really, there's more villians coming!

Hugs: Cripes!

Pervical McLeach: (laughs) How's this for a size?!

Darla Dimple: Nothing will stop us now!

Ash: Thank again!! Pikachu, thunderbolt!!

[Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on the airplane and Pervical McLeacha and Darla, crash land to their deaths]

Ash: Way to go Pikachu!!

Pikachu: pikachu.

Alameda Slim: Not for long! [shoots at Ash]

[Ash dodges the shot]

Alameda Slim: It's the end of the line for you, Ketchum!!!!

Rainbow Dash: Hey! Alameda Silm! Take this! [kicks Alameda Slim] Now Bee!

[Bumblebee kills Alameda SIlm with his bazooka]

Rainbow Dash: Nice work, Bumblebee, that was awesome!

[Bumblebee gives her a thumbs up]

Tirek: TINO TONITINI!!!!!!!!!!

Tino: Tirek!


Tino: Oh, no!

[Tino flies in the air and then bumbs into Tirek]

Tirek: You're going to get me what I want! [begins to fight]

Tino: WHOA!!!! [blasts Tirek]

Tirek: OW!!!! Why you little!! [charges into him]


Tirek: Now, hand over the magic and no ones gets hurt!

Tino: How this for a size?! RAAAAAAAIIIINBOOOOOOOOOOOW BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST!!!!!!!! [uses Rainbow Blast to kill Tirek]

Erica: Nice work, TIno.

Ena: You killed Tirek.

Tino: Thanks.

Shido: Look out! Ahuizotl!!!

Ahuizotl: HA HA HA HA HA!!! I now will kill Tohka!!

Tohka: Help me!!

Daring Do: I've got this!

Skarloey: Be careful!

[Daring Do goes to Ahuizotl to kill him]

Ahuizotl: Well, well, well! If it isn't my ach enemy Daring Do, how are you going to save Shido's girlfriend, now?!

Daring Do: The easy way! Take this [shoots her guns at Ahuizotl]

Ahuizotl: GAH!!!

Draing Do: So long, loser! [takes her M16 and fires the grenade launcher at Ahuizotl]

Ahuizotl: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! [gets killed instantly]

Shido: That'll take care of Ahuizotl.

Trixie: But not to the powerful Trixie!!! [blasts her magic]

Shido: WHOA!!

Trixie: Now, any last words?

Shido: Just two of them, Tohka, now!!

Tohka: You've got it Shido! [uses her sword to kill Trixie]

Shido: Thanks.

Tohka: [hug Shido] You're welcome.

Sideshow Bob: Don't move Carver! Or else Lor gets it!!

Carver: Why do you want to kill Lor.

Sideshow Bob: Because it's my mission to kill Lor, even I had to do It then so it shall!!

Kim Possible: Not til I have to say about that! [did her ninja moves on Bob knocking him out.]

Carver: Whoa!!

Kim Possible: Pretty cool, huh?

Lor: uh..... Yeah?

[Then Dr. Drakken, Shego, Bowser, and The Diesels are in a battleship shooting them]

Maurecia: Look out! [dodges their attack]

Myron: AAAAA!!!

Bowser: Now you all will die and you pathetic heroes are going to fail!!

Dr. Drakken: HA! HA! HA! Nothing can stop us now!!

Diesel 10: Now to put an end to you Thomas!!

Thomas: I don't think so!!

[His Lasergun come out and shoots the battleship and destroys it, with Dr. Drakken, Shego, Bowser, and The Diesels inside to die]

Thomas: Well that take care of them.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow Thomas!!

Tino: You are awesome!

Thomas: Thanks guys, I earned that.

Nightmare Train: Not for long! [shooting a gun at Thomas] HA! HA! HA! HA!

Thomas: Whoa! [dodges his shots]

Nightmare Train: I've got you know!! It is over Thomas, with you dead, I shall rule the world!!

Serena: Fennikin! Use flamethrower!!

[Fennikin uses flame thrower]

Nightmare Trian: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! [vaporizes]

Serena: Nice work, fennikin.

Fennikin: Fennikin.

May: Yeah but we've got other problems!

Hacker: You got that right! [fires his laser]

Jessie: Now die!!!

Carver: [dodges the attack] Let this be a lesson to you!! [throws a bomb]

James: What's that?

Delete: It looks like a bomb.

Team Rocket, Buzz, and Delete: A BOMB!!!!

[the bomb explodes]

Buzz and Delete: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOSS!!!!!!!

Hacker: Uh oh.

[Buzz and Delete landed on Hacker]


[Team Rocket disappears above the sky]

Tish: Nice work, Carver. That'll teach those guys who boss!

Cross-Hairs: We've got more company! [fires his guns]

Ichi: We need help over here!

Noby: Can't right now! I've got my own problems, too!!

Rainbow Dash: [flies away but sees Lightning Dust] AAAA!!!

Lightning Dust: Now Rainbow Dash, time to die!

Tino: Lightning! You don't have to do this! You and Rainbow can be friends again!

Lightning Dust: Never!

Tino: Come on! Think! You might have Rainbow Dash's friends killed but you still have a good heart! You didn't your move could kill anyone! Regain you and Rainbow's friendship back!

Lightning Dust: