They finally found the villains and Vortech is not here

Brian: There they are!

Stewie: But where's Vortech?

Cortex: He's not here.

Ryvine: We know about you, Ryan Prime.

Attila: And we know it was you, Brian and Stewie.

Hun: And it looks like you're here, Tino.

Oogie: It's great to see you. After you arrested Lord Scandrawf.

Tino: So why are you here after Lord Scandrawf has been arrested?

Queen Crystallis: After you arrested him, we taken order for Lord Vortech.

Megatron: And for you, Ryan.

Facilier: You must feel the darkness, techno-organic.

Ryan: What is Lord Vortech's Planning to do?

Boingo: You'll see.

Darla: You know Xehanort will give you something.

Joker: That's right. The power of Darkness on Ryan.

Stewie: Why you little!

Natalie: You need to join us and embrace the darkness.

Rothbart: My rival the human raccoon told Odette about you, Ryan.

Shredder: Ryvine will start a Keyblade war for his mentor. Unicron the chaos bringer.

Bebop: While Xehanort's Digimon will start the Digimon War. And eliminate all the Digidestined Heroes with their Digimon.

Rocksteady: And even his friends, he will start the Warrior War. And rule all the world's​.

Rahzar: Nate's grandfather will never be a hero.

Fishface: Kamen Guts sucks!

Tino: That it! It's time for you to face the Music!

They are going to fight many of them

Baxtex: Oh yeah!?

Tiger Claw: Let's see about that!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Negaduck: I think they're stronger then us.

Malucia: Run for it.

They run away from Ryan, Brian, Stewie and Tino

Ryan: Now, where's Lord Vortech.

Then Lord Vortech got Tino 

Ryan: TINO!

He's going to save him, but Lord Vortech blasted him away

Brian: Tino!

Lord Vortech paralyze Tino and Freeze Him and throw it to Brian

Brian: Tino? You okay​?

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