The way The Wedding Day goes in The Night to Remember.

Jiminy Cricket: 

Gleaming in the moonlight

Cool and clean and all I've ever known

All I ever wanted

Sweet perfumes of incense

Graceful rooms of alabaster stone

All I ever wanted

This is my home

With all of my friends and Twilight Sparkle

Oh so noble, oh so strong

Now I am home

Here among my trappings and belongings

I belong

And if anybody doubts it

They couldn't be more wrong

I am a sovereign Official Conscience

Of all the proud history that's shown

Etched on ev'ry wall

Surely this is all I ever wanted

All I ever wanted

All I ever wanted

Pretty, Huh? I'll bet you folks give anything to find someone you could ever love, Do ya? Well so do I, Of course I'm just a Cricket being a fine Conscience, Now let me tell you a story about the night you will never forget.

The screen fades into Canterlot as the Sun comes up.

Jiminy Cricket: (Narrating) One morning, Long time ago, Our story begins as Princess Celestia rises the Sun every bright sunny morning and something wonderful is about to happen.

Princess Luna: (waking up) What day is it? (gasped) My wedding day, Of course!

Princess Celestia: Good morning, Luna, Sleep well?

Princess Luna: Yes, Sister, Today is my wedding day with Hiro, Send a message to everyone immediately, Including our friends.

Princess Celestia: Of course, Anything for you two.

and Celestia and Luna begin singing For The First Time In Forever.

Princess Luna: (sings) The window is open! So's that door! I didn't know they did that anymore!

Who knew we owned eight-thousand salad plates?

For years, I've roamed these empty halls

Why have a ballroom with no balls?

Finally, they're opening up the gates!

There'll be actual real live people

It'll be totally strange

But wow! Am I so ready for this change?

Cause for the first time in forever

There'll be music, there'll be light!

For the first time in forever

I'll be dancing through the night...

Don't know if I'm elated or gassy

But I'm somewhere in that zone!

Cause for the first time in forever

I won't be alone

(speaks) I can't wait to meet everyone! 'Gasps'

What if I meet... the one?

(sings) Tonight, imagine me gown and all

Fetchingly draped against the wall

The picture of sophisticated grace...


I suddenly see him standing there

A beautiful stranger, tall and fair

I wanna stuff some chocolate in my face!

But then we laugh and talk all evening

Which is totally bizarre

Nothing like the life I've lead so far!

For the first time in forever

There'll be magic, there'll be fun!

For the first time in forever

I could be noticed by someone...

And I know it is totally crazy

To dream I'd find romance...

But for the first time in forever

At least I've got a chance!

Princess Celestia: (sighs) Just let them in

And let them see

Be the good girl

You always have to be

Conceal, to feel

Put on a show

Make one wrong move

And everyone will know

But it's a wedding today

Princess Luna: It's my wedding today!

Princess Celestia: It's exactly the day!

Princess Luna: It's exactly the day!

Princess Celestia: Tell the guards to open up... the gate!

Princess Luna: The gate!

For the first time in forever

Princess Celestia: Just let them in, And let them see

Princess Luna: I'm getting what I'm dreaming of!

Princess Celestia: Be the good girl you always have to be

Princess Luna: A chance to change my lonely world

Princess Celestia: Conceal

Princess Luna: A chance to have true love!

Princess Celestia: Conceal, to feel

And let them know!

Princess Luna: I know it all ends tomorrow

So it has to be today!

Cause for the first time in forever

For the first time in forever

Nothing's in my way! Oh!

Then, Princess Luna almost stepped on Jiminy by accident.

Princess Luna: a thousand apologies, Jiminy Cricket! I hope I didn't hurt you.

Jiminy Cricket: That's okay, Princess Luna, I get that a lot, I guess you must be excited about today.

Princess Luna: Yes, It's my wedding day with Hiro, I hope all of our friends will arrive soon.

Jiminy Cricket: I'm sure they will, Luna, Discord is picking them up right now.

Meanwhile, Discord arrives with Passengers full of friends from every world including Prince Thomas and the rest of his Sodor friends.

Discord: (dressed as the Ship Captain) Attention please, This is your Captain speaking, We are now arriving Equestria for a Special wedding of our good friends, Hiro and Princess Luna!

Everyone Cheered at Hiro.

Hiro: Thank you all very much, I'm excited about my day and Shang, Thank you for being my best man.

Li Shang: Sure thing, Hiro.

Discord: I can tell this is going to be quite a occasion, Eh, Hiro?

Hiro: Yes, Discord and thanks to Twilight's magic, We can transform back into engines anytime.

Discord: This calls for a Celebration!

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