The Wiggles are a group of children's band. Every Wiggle has a colored shirt; Emma (Formally Greg and Sam) wears yellow, Simon (Formally Murray) wears red, Lachy (Formally Jeff) wears purple, and Anthony wears blue (but he wore green in the past videos).


  • Emma - Emma is the usual drummer in the series. She is the first female wiggle in history.
  • Simon - Simon is the usual lead singer loves to play "Simon says" especially when formed as a song.
  • Lachy - Like Jeff, he loves sleeping, but the other three Wiggles wake him up by saying "Wake up, Lachy!". He is the lead singer in most of the songs. He like inventing, but most of his inventions backfire and don't go well.
  • Anthony - Anthony is a drummer, a guitarist, and a vocalist. He can also eat different kinds of food. He is the current Wiggle in the show.

Former Wiggles:

  • Greg - Greg is the original yellow wiggle. He was replaced by Sam in 2006 due to illness but returned back in 2012.
  • Murray - Murray loves to play his guitar.
  • Jeff - Jeff loves to sleep.
  • Sam - Sam is a former yellow wiggle like Greg. He replaced Greg in 2006 due to illness.
  • Phillip - Phillip used to be the 5th wiggle in 1991, But he lefted after their first album.



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