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The Wild West is a special 3-part short story from the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Short Stories series. It was released in DeviantArt in Feburary 19, 2011.


Join Ben "The Beast" Osgood, Leonardo Goodheart, John the Kid and Rhea Sue in a rootin'-tootin showdown with a bandit that joined forces with an evil gang!


  • Benny the Beast as Ben "The Beast" Osgood
  • Leo Lionheart as Leonardo Goodheart
  • Johnny the Lion as John the Kid
  • Rae the Lioness as Rhea Sue
  • Xiro and Kairel as Xavier and Kathy Collins
  • Bruma, Panthy and Teresa as Bonnie Clyde, Pamela Black and Tina Foster
  • Dagnino as Dexter Tiger
  • Heath Lynx as the Fantastic Lynx Bandit
  • Coco, Patricio, Cachito and Wolfgang as the Predator Gang


  • This is the first short story to be separated into 3 parts.
  • Coco, Particio, Cachito and Wolfgang make their first appearance on DeviantArt.
  • The upcoming sequel, Return to the West will be released on DeviantArt in the future.

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