The Wings Around the World Rally is a movie in Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Yuna has a chance to be like Prince Dusty Crophopper before he became Prince, He had a race to win with his frinends in the contest.


At Wallace and Gromit's Middle School

Yuna asks Skipper/The Tryouts

Yuna and her friends are in a race!

Getting the planes for Yuna's friends/Skipper visits Yuna

Nyx admits the fear of heights

Training Yuna and her friends

Flying to Fantasyland Airport/Meeting the Racers

Seeing old friends again


  • This movie is based on Planes.

Songs and Music Score

  1. Nothing Can Stop Me Now - Mark Holman
  2. Music score - Crop Duster (from Planes)
  3. Music score - Last Contestant (from Planes)
  4. You Don't Stop - NYC -
  5. Music score - Dusty Steps Into History (from Planes)
  6. Music score - Start Your Engines (from Planes)
  7. Music score - 2nd Leg/Bulldog Thanked Dusty (from Planes)
  8. Ein Crop Duster Can Race - Mory
  9. Fly - Jon Stevens
  10. Music score - Dusty and Ishani (from Planes)
  11. Music score - The Tunnel (from Planes)
  12. Baby Mine - Rarity
  13. Music score - You're a Racer (from Planes)
  14. Music score - Flint's Determination (from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)
  15. Music score - Skipper to the Rescue (from Planes)
  16. Music score - Dogfight (from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit)
  17. Music score - Dusty Soars (from Planes)
  18. Music score - 1st Place (from Planes)
  19. Music score - A True Victory (from Planes)
  20. Music score - Honorary Jolly Wrench (from Planes)
  21. End Credits - Nothing Can Stop Me Now
  22. End Credits - Collision of Worlds

The names of the planes


  1. The Opening Scene/In Wallace and Gromit's Middle School
  2. Yuna asks Skipper/The Tryouts
  3. Yuna and her friends in a race!
  4. Getting the planes for Yuna's friends/Skipper visits Yuna
  5. Nyx admits the fear of heights
  6. Training Yuna and her friends
  7. Flying to Fantasyland Airport
  8. Meeting the Racers
  9. Seeing old friends again
  10. The First Leg/The Snowy Hill
  11. The Second Leg/Yuna and her friends saves Bulldog/The Third Leg
  12. Advice from Ishani/The Fourth Leg
  13. Spending the night in the Celestian Sunlight
  14. Lost at Sea/On the Wonderbolts Wonderhower
  15. In the storm/Skipper's Story/You're a Princess and a Racer
  16. The Final Leg of the Race
  17. The Big Battle
  18. Nyx Conquers her Fear
  19. Yuna and her friends wins the race/Ending

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