This is how The Witch Doctor hypnotizes Rarity goes in The Witch Doctor's Revenge.

[Witch Doctor aims his staff at Rarity]

Witch Doctor: Watch my Skull Staff and you will do as you are told. You are Rarity. And that's a fact.

[Rarity stares]

Witch Doctor: You will be my slave. Find what I need. And after then will you be freed.

[The Skull Staff glows and Rarity's eyes turn red]

Rarity: Yes. Master.

Witch Doctor: Now find me Quaza.

Rarity: Yes master.

[She does]

Witch Doctor: Until now, I never realized how much fun this is. It's time for that fashionista to wake up. [to Rarity] You shall not be my slave now.

[Rarity shakes her head and her eyes turn to normal]

Rarity: What happened?

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