The Witchlings (aka Ojamajo) are from Magical DoReMi like dorie and reanne and mirabelle are three eight year old girls to use the Dreamspinner to transform into a witch student and all their friends ellie and mindy and sally too. And they used the Wandalers by their Magic powers and also morph become as the Power Rangers Witch Force. they will join Sarah West and Cure Rosetta in "Sarah West and Cure Rosetta's Adventures of The Aristocats"

Group Witchlings

Dorie, Reanne and Mirabelle, Ellie, Mindy and Sally


Catlyn (Dorie's younger sister)

The other color witchlings

The other witchlings


The Future Witchlings

Witchling outfits


  • 1999 started ago with the Magical DoReMi (aka ojamajo Doremi) along with Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (aka Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive). in Japan, both shows were created by Toei company.
  • Each Witchlings have their item like The Dreamspinners, Wandalers, Wandawhirls, Magical Compact (only Sally), magic bracelets (only Sally) and other items created by the Lunaverse.
  • The Witchlings will team up with the data squad rangers with their ranger outfits in The Magical Battle of Heroes from Power Rangers Data Squad in this episode.
  • the Witchlings will join Sarah West and Cure Rosetta in "Sarah West and Cure Rosetta's Adventures of the Aristocats"

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