• Lord VoldemortGo to Lord Voldemort
  • Death EatersGo to Death Eaters
  • JafarGo to Jafar
  • MaleficentGo to Maleficent
  • UrsulaGo to Ursula
  • Dr. FacilierGo to Dr. Facilier
  • HadesGo to Hades
  • Draco MalfoyGo to Draco Malfoy
  • Dolores UmbridgeGo to Dolores Umbridge
  • Professor QuirrellGo to Professor Quirrell
  • GargamelGo to Gargamel
  • The Emperor of the NightGo to The Emperor of the Night
  • MerlockGo to Merlock
  • NizamGo to Nizam
  • RasputinGo to Rasputin
  • RothbartGo to Rothbart
  • The TrixGo to The Trix
  • Tzekel-KanGo to Tzekel-Kan
  • The Wicked Witch of the WestGo to The Wicked Witch of the West
  • MessinaGo to Messina
  • YzmaGo to Yzma
  • Lady TremaineGo to Lady Tremaine
Hollow bastion by ayame133

The Wizard Empire

This is the group of villains in the Pooh's Adventures series made by Shadow101815.


Future Members

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