Here's when the Wonder Pets arrive in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets

[the next day, we see a fimarlar boat flying in the sky]

Wonder Pet fan 1: They're here!

Wonder Pet fan 2: Up in the sky!

Wonder Pets: Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We are here to make a special visit to the convention for our fans!

Ming-Ming: We're not too big.

Tuck: And we're not too tough!

Wonder Pets: But when we work together, we got the right stuff! Go Wonder Pets! YAY!!

[they then wave to everyone down below]

[we then veiw the LPS gang in the park]

Minka Mark: Hey, look up in the sky!

Penny Ling: The Wonder Pets' flyboat!

Sunil Nevla: They're here!

Pepper Clark: Alright!

Minka Mark: [starts making monkey sounds of joy]

Vinnie Terrio: This is fantastic!

Zoe Trent: [screams with Joy] The Wonder Pets are here! [faints]

[somewhere else in the city, we see Skiff giving tours when he notices the children are cheering]

Skiff: What's everyone cheering for? [he then sees the flyboat] Huh, a flying boat. Don't see that everyday.

[The flyboat lands]

Linny: Here we are, Wonder Pets. Our fans are here.

Ming-Ming: I can't wait to see how many fans we have this weekend!

Tuck: Yeah!

Linny: Well, let's check in to our suite.

[but as they head inside, we see 2 fimilar chinchillas watching]

Cashmere: There!

Velvet: So this is where they're staying. Let's tell the girls.

[They race off]

[Back at the stand]

[we see several people asking the Wonder Pets questions as they check in]

Linny: Calm down, calm down.

Tuck: Don't worry, our fans. We'll have plenty of time to answer all your questons at the convention this weekend!

Ming-Ming: So who wants to talk to us first when we show up at the convention?

[Everyone starts saying "Me, I do!".]

Linny: Great! We look forward to answering your questions! See you this weekend!

[The fans stop]

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