The Wrath of Galitor is a super, epic upcoming story made by Stuingtion.


When Stuingiton's Engines leave to Cartoon World to get more resources, an old enemy named: "Galitor" escapes from a dark prison. And Stuingtion's Engines are seeming killed by his army! And what's worst, he's too powerful for our heroes to apprehand. And he imprisons the royals and Twilight in different places! And is soon taking over the world. Now our heroes must try and find Stuingtion's engines and battle the dark unicorn along with the help of a Resistence team.


Nice summer day/Stuingtion's Engines leave

One find summer day, our heroes were at the Seaside. And the foals were building a splendid sand castle.


  • This marks the first appearance of Galitor and The Outmode Resistence



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