The XJ Sisters

The XJ-Sisters are the sisters of Jenny Wakeman when she discovers something downstairs in the basement, she finally realizes she has 8 "sisters," which are actually prototypes. XJ-9 is referred to as the oldest, despite being made last. As the idea of XJ-9 was conceived from each of them, she is the oldest in that sense.

XJ Series

  1. Joy Wakeman/XJ-1
  2. Julie Wakeman/XJ-2
  3. June Wakeman/XJ-3
  4. Jazmine Wakeman/XJ-4
  5. Judy Wakeman/XJ-5
  6. Jessy Wakeman/XJ-6
  7. Jamie Wakeman/XJ-7
  8. Jade Wakeman/XJ-8
  9. Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9